The Power of Words

Language is seductive. Language is enticing, intriguing, tempting, and alluring. It doesn’t have to be the English Language, either Queen’s or American.  Any and all languages are equally enjoyable and fascinating.

Not just from the learning where they came from, how they developed and how we use them today as compared to how they were used in the past. But overall, the existence of Language is amazing.

A woman, or a man, can be seduced in any and every language.  For some, the sound of a foreign tongue can be as entrancing as the scent of roses and the heat of candlelight.

But seduction by the sweet sounds of the Italian language whispered on the air is not what this is about.  Nor is it about the parts of speech or how different languages say different things as I’m reading slowly through my old sociolinguistics textbooks from college.

No, this is about the pure, raw, sensual power of words.  Spoken or written, words can seduce, surround, and envelop the listener or reader in a cocoon of meaning and essence.  There is a skill to being able to choose your words, to having the correct diction, but when you have that skill and you know that you can use it, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Words have an overwhelming affect on me. I love words. I love to use them, and I love to read them being used. And to listen to the sound of words as they’re whispered into my ear is just as enticing, intriguing, and inviting.

If you can speak the language and make it do what you want, then you are person with a power over not just others individuals, but over groups, over nations.  If you can make your argument and make it heard and understood, than you can take over the world.

But language is a personal thing, it’s a private thing.  Language is the one tool of seduction so quickly overlooked by others.  A properly formed sentence is not so important in the bedroom as knowing the right words, the right tone of voice, and the right pitch to speak them in.  Say the words, the right words, in the wrong way and your night will not go as you want it to go.

But seduce me, talk to me and tell me that I’m beautiful in tones as soft and silky as the sheets that you lay me upon.  Tell me that my skin is smooth and delightful to the touch. Tell me that I am everything you have ever wanted, and tell me all these things in that soft voice that is just a step above a whisper, with that hint of husky need and longing just behind every word.  It’s a subtle thing, it’s difficult thing to master if you are not born into it. But that voice, the one that even the simplest words can convey every emotion felt by the speaker, that is the voice of kings and leaders and lovers.

Speak to me, whisper in my ear in all the soft and gentle ways that you can and that you know, and tell me, without a doubt, that you love me. Leave no room for questions, no need for hesitation, use your voice and simply let me know.

The power of language, the power of the spoken or written word, is the power to provoke, to energize, and to seduce.  Close your eyes and let the language overtake you, let it flow over your body.  Loose your grip on your mind, let your imagination work the words into sensations, let the world slip away until there is nothing left but the words. Lose yourself in the language, let the words become a part of you and you will understand them to their fullest.

Close your eyes. Slow your breathing. Relax your mind. Loosen your imagination. Feel the words. Feel the words.  Listen to the language.  Listen to the power of Words.

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