And So It Goes…

that I sit here in my bed, and I think to myself, “Self.  There are so very few things that are inherently perfect in this world.  We should try to think of some of them and then put them up into some form of witty post upon our new blog.  Some thoughts and things that we find to be perfect that will make our reader(s?) think for a moment and then laugh so hard that they potentially fall from their chairs and roll upon the floor while performing an action that so few women truly wish was physically possible.  That being, the removal of their ass.”

And so, as a result, here are my thoughts on the few truly perfect and wonderful things in the world.  These are in no particular order, and I do not promise or even slightly hint that they will remove any parts of your lower anatomy.  Although you may, should you be laughing hard enough, empty a portion of your lower anatomy, causing you to lose the clothing that covers your ass, and thereby removing several ounces from that weight.

Hah! I have contributed to the worldwide goal to lose weight!  You’re welcome.

  • -Clean Sheets
  • -Pretzels and chocolate cake icing
  • -Being barefoot
  • -Being barefoot in the kitchen
  • -Being naked
  • -Being naked in bed
  • -Being naked in bed with clean sheets
  • -Being naked in bed with clean sheets and my boyfriend
  • -E’s kisses
  • -E’s accent
  • -A lazy day spent around the house doing nothing
  • -A hot cuppa tea and a soft shortbread cookie or a scone
  • -Dexilant
  • -E

Ok, so not as funny as I thought it might have turned out to be.  I’m sure that I’ll get some sort of remark or reaction from the ‘barefoot in the kitchen’ one.  but I love being barefoot.  and I absolutely love being in the kitchen and cooking.  Put the two of them together, and it’s truly magical.

Hmmm.  I like making lists.  Maybe I should make another list someday: Mundane things that I anticipate happening when I move in with E.

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