O! The Mundanity

So, there are things that you just have to do. They have to be done. Like, dishes. Or taxes. Or, other things.  One thing that being in such a long distance relationship will teach you is that even the mundane things can be fun, and new, and exciting.

So I’ve been thinking and trying to come up with just what Mundane, everyday chores I’m looking forward to doing when I move to New Zealand.

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking Dinner
  • Cooking Breakfast
  • Cooking Lunch
  • Packing Lunches
  • Cleaning
  • Washing Dishes
  • Drying Dishes
  • Making the Bed

ok, so obviously I’m looking forward to the cooking the most.  But I think that being with him, and physically being able to teach him to cook and have him teach me a few new things, that will be the best part of all of this.

He brings out the best in me, he truly does.  Now I just need to stop being so afraid of just about everything, and i can move on a bit more in life.

I just have to stop being afraid of falling.  Or failing. Or crashing. Or Burning.  I just have to stop being afraid.  I hate being afraid.  I want to be the strong and confident woman he sees in me.  I want to be her as much as I can be.

But I have to stop the shaking inside to be completely strong outside.  Anybody know how to do that?

One response to “O! The Mundanity

  1. Ahlterra it is very normal to have the fair of failing. You are human to feel this way. But in life what we fail in we push ourself to get better in:)

    For example babies. When they are learning to walk they tumble back down countless of time. But they continue pushing themselves to get up and keep on doing it. Yes some cry after falling back down and some giggle. But they keep on going. You was born to keep on going even after falling. Brush yourself off and continue trying, open up your mind as you open up your heart, tell yourself you did not give up to learn how to walk you sure as heck won’t give up in taking in new things and not be afraid!

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