And So It Grows

Excitement, that is.


The nerves have lessened a bit, but the excitement and the surety of this move in my life being the correct move has only grown.  To get to be with him. To meet his friends and hopefully get them to accept and like the silly girl with the strange accent.


Although, being the one with the strange accent is going to be rather….



6 responses to “And So It Grows

  1. devourslowly

    But… but … but … I heard stories of you doing a great Pommy accent!!! DO IT.

  2. Pommy? What is pommy? Ohnoes. I need a slang dictionary… Do they make those?

    Did E tell you I sounded like a pomegranate? Is that what this is? I sound like a superfruit?

    He and I are going to need to have a talk tonight it seems!

  3. devourslowly

    Brits… Poms… Snobs… much like my boy … :-)

  4. Hey, he tells me that he likes the accent, I totally do the accent. Anything to catch him!!

    Ok, I promise I promise that I’ll do a Pommy accent for you.


    so where are we going for dinner in February? I asked E, but he was all noncommittal as usual. :P

    • devourslowly

      Dinner will totally happen. I had already spoken to H so we will come up with somewhere to take you. Failing that it would be lovely to have you guys over to ours for dinner. So exciting :-)

      LOL you and H can have an accent-off

      He is a Walsh boy with a posh London accent… go figure…

  5. Maybe I’ll find out if my buddy Ryan has a new job yet and we can go where he’s at. he’s a well trained pastry chef, so dessert is always a plus!

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