Addendum to Girl Friends

I have decided that I will take the scarves that I scrounged from my grandmothers things, and I will make them into my statement. I move to a new country, I can make a new look for myself.

Well, the scarves that aren’t going to be converted into art for the walls of our apartment….

16 responses to “Addendum to Girl Friends

  1. I should hope not for them to go on the wall, but yet be a decoration hanging from your neck if not head. I am so into scrarves. They are beautiful!

  2. There are some that I don’t think I could ever really be able to pull off as an accessory, far too many colors for me. Those also, luckily, happen to be the ones that would be amazing stretched out over a canvas frame and used as artwork. I can’t wait to start decorating!

  3. Will you be sharing some photos of what you will do with a few of the scarves?

  4. once i get them done,than yes. but that will be a few months since it’s easier to ship them to new zealand before they get framed out.

  5. No. I’m in the US, but moving to New Zealand in four months. The scarves are with me at the moment, but getting them with me to new zealand while having them on canvas frames would be troublesome. Much easier to do that once I get to where I’m going.

    How did you end up in Germany?

  6. Oh okay I understand now. Thanks for the clarification. You had me scratching my head this morning:)

    Love bought me to Germany:) I met my husband in the State 8 years ago. He was working there as an expatriate (on contract). To make the story short, lol, I am so long wind at time. He told me when we were dating one day he will return home for good. If my heart is in America we can not be. I am a free spirited person who goes with the wind. So I told him where love is that is where I will be. Evidently I love him, lol. I have to laugh because I mentally can hear him saying, yeah yeah, lol.
    So love is what bought me here. The end of September mark my marker for me to be living in Germany for 1 year now. I made it without crying to go home. I love this country dearly. It will be perfect if my mother, brothers, nieces, and nephew lived here too. Then I can really call it home. But since I am only wishing. I will still call it home. Starting life all over again:)

    Now may I ask, why are you moving to New Zealand?

  7. Essentially the same reason. Love. My boyfriend and I have known each other for about two years online through some message boards. We really started talking last year around this time when my other relationship was finally crashing and burning.

    And then about eleven months ago, he told me that he loved me, and then about a week after that I admitted that I loved him too.

    We’ve seen each other twice since then, once for a week in DC, and then another week in Seattle. And now, I’m moving. To both be with him and to start the next great life adventure.

    • devourslowly

      It took him a year to say he loves you? I am going to whip that boy. Next week though – I am busy this week. But next week he is getting a whipping lol

      • No no no, silly girl! last year, next month was when he said he loved me. Somewhere around 12 or 13 November. I know because we started the massive e-mails around the 19th of november.

        So you don’t have to whip him! Unless you want to, of course!

      • devourslowly

        I see… so THAT is why he stopped emailing me regularly. It is all making sense now.

        Leave it to me. I will cause that boy some hurt lol.


  8. Aww Ahlterra, this is too cool and sweet! I love love stories! How exciting it will be to start a new life in a different country. Learning new places, culture, perhaps a new language or slangs. I don’t really know you personally but I am truly happy for you. I wish you the best in your move and your new life.
    You have a watchful eye over here that will be reading your posts from now on!

  9. You both gave me a laugh this morning:)

  10. Silly S. Do you think over 600 emails, plus written statements from friends and photographs will be enough to prove ourselves for a partnership visa by next august? I should hope so, right?

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