Well, I guess obsession isn’t really the word to use.  Addiction would be.  I have a very addictive personality.  It’s genetic.  I get it from my mom’s side of the family.  I don’t drink because I enjoy it too much, and I am not a very pretty drunk at all.  Alright, that’s not completely true.  I will drink on occasion, but typically only one drink and always with food and when I’m feeling happy enough to handle the drink.


I used to smoke. I smoked for nine years.  I started my second year in college and finally quit last december, after much encouragement and support from E.  And drugs!  Well, I took drugs to help me break the addiction, and they worked.


So now, I need a new addiction.  For a few years, it was the internet (still kinda is).  And then a few years after that, it was sex (yeah, still have that one…). But now, I need a new addiction.  Something to focus all of this pent up energy and frustration into.  At least for the next four months until I can fulfill one of the other needs.


So far, I’ve considered photography.  But I don’t have the equipment necessary for stunning photographs.  I’ve contemplated taking up software programming, trying to learn it, but I don’t think I have either the patience, or the proper computer for such a task at this time.


I tried in the beginning of this year to make exercise and weight loss my new obsession and I was going along quite well, but then mom got sick and all of that went straight out the window.


I think I’m going to try and get back into that groove.  Exercising and healthy eating.   I have to do the healthy eating because my parents both need it, my dad especially.  But the exercise is going to take time.


So my immediate thought is to take at least thirty minutes of my day and devote it to either doing my Just Dance, my walking workout, or actual walking.  And possibly even up that time a bit, or add onto it by doing housework.


This is going to require a ton of effort on my part, and I’m honestly a little lazy.  Alright, a lot lazy.  But I have a goal to achieve and a reason to get there, and to keep going.


After all, I want to be comfortable in those planes going around the world.

One response to “Obsession

  1. Good for you getting healthy again.
    Yeah those plane seats are a big motivation. That is how I drop most of my weights, lol, I am like so serious:)
    Like Ice Cube say on the chorus: You can do it just put your back to it. Just do..do it … do it

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