Apple Butter Time!

Yes.  It’s apple butter time.  If you’ve never had the delight of having or trying apple butter, then I am sorry for you.


This is our yearly tradition in this family.  Or as close to yearly as we can get.  Every year we go to the local orchard and get some apples, usually Jonathons or Johnagolds.  This year, we got two bushels worth!

The next part of the equation is really easy!


core and slice all of your apples and put them into a large pot.   what type of large pot?  Well I am glad that you asked!  A large pot like one of these!


The one on the right is the one that I remember using so long ago as a kid standing on a stool with one of mom’s wooden spoons.  The one on the left was my great-grandmother’s pot from lord knows how long ago.


Isn’t that the coolest pot ever?


It’s like a cauldron!  SO COOL!


I’ll show you the aftermath of what happens next.  You make applesauce by putting your sliced apples into the big pot and 1 cup of water for every 10 apples.  And then you cook them down.  until they look like apple sauce.


You get a food mill, and make apple sauce by milling the apples and discarding the peels.


More this weekend when we turn the yummy applesauce into apple butter!




((can you tell I just figured out the pictures things…))

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