I’m Fat

So, here’s the deal.  I’m not a skinny woman.  I’m not ‘big-boned’.  And I’m not ‘well-rounded’.  I’m fat.  I have curves and tons of them.  And yeah, they can be sexy, but they can also be kinda revolting.


But I am who I am.  And part of who I am is that I’m fat.  I haven’t always been fat.  I was a skinny little kid, up until I turned 8 and moved from Philadelphia to Delaware.  I’m not entirely sure if I blame it on the country air down here, or on the mental trauma of being ‘the outsider’ in this area, so I was the target for teasing and bullying.


But the roots of it don’t really matter at the moment.  Whether it was the fault of the kids growing up in my school district, or whether it was genetics, or even a combination of the above.  The most important fact is that I’m fat.


Now, this admission of self loathing might surprise some people.  Especially since it’s no longer self loathing.  It’s self admittance.  It’s self awareness.  It’s self acknowledgement.  I’m a fat woman.


But, the other thing is, I know this. I accept this.  And I’m working on becoming less fat.


I’m not going to ever be supermodel skinny.  Hell, I don’t want to be supermodel skinny.  Do I want to be in better shape?  Of course.  Do I want to be in a bit of a better curvy shape? Hell yes.  But I feel that it’s important to know who you are before you can even begin to start changing yourself for the better.


I’m Fat.  I’m well-rounded. I’m curvy like Lombard Street in San Francisco.


And I’m mostly ok with it.



Also, I like food, so to do a rather awkward segue, you’ll see a new page on this blog called “Tasties” where I’m going to be putting up recipes, and possibly even pictures!

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