[in-duhl-juhns] –noun

the act or practice of indulging; gratification of desire.

the state of being indulgent.

indulgent allowance or tolerance.

a catering to someone’s mood or whim; humoring: The sick man demanded indulgence as his due.

something indulged in: Her favorite indulgence was candy.

Roman Catholic Church . a partial remission of the temporal punishment, esp. purgatorial atonement, that is still due for a sin or sins after absolution. Compare plenary indulgence.

English and Scottish History . (in the reigns of Charles II and James II) a grant by the king to Protestant dissenters and Roman Catholics freeing them from certain penalties imposed, by legislation, because of their religion.

Commerce . an extension, through favor, of time for payment or performance.
Such a delightful word.  No really, it is.  The Catholic Church in Medieval times used to sell these, Indulgences, as a guaranteed path into heaven.  You could buy your way there with not a problem.
The practice has since gone by the wayside, but you can still purchase your way into heaven.  It’s just more metaphorical than they thought back then.
For example, today i bought myself an indulgence. A sweet cream scented, sea-salt body scrub.  I bought it at a friend’s new store she just opened up downtown, and decided to try it out tonight.
I can understand why people do these things for themselves.  My skin feels…amazing… so soft, so smooth, heavenly.
I don’t think i would want this all the time, but as an occasional indulgence, as an occasional trip to heaven, it is totally worth it.
The product is from a company called Farmhouse Fresh Goods.  They have this product called Fine Body Scrub.
I bought the Sweet Cream scent.  Let me tell you, I am on every possible level of heaven right now.
In case you can’t tell, this is highly recommended.

One response to “Indulgence

  1. :) having a little indulgence is a good things at time. One must treat themselves from time to time if you don’t who will. This is what I tell my hubby when he see me buying new things, lol, I tell him I was thinking of him coming home and resting instead of wasting his time going shopping with me to get a few little things, lol. It work sometimes depending on what I bought, lol. Thank goodness in Germany their is no return system unless you buy online.
    Glad you felt a peace of heaven:)

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