It’s not a topic easily discussed.  Or even one that most people will broach eagerly.  But the truth is, there is always somebody or something to be envious of.


For example, I started taking photos around the house with my lovely little digital camera, that i really do adore and love.


But then I upload the pictures and they’re not as beautiful as they could be, in my mind’s eye.  Now, I know I could probably use some digital picture enhancer like photoshop or something like that to improve them.  But that would require a desktop computer with at least one really big screen to do the job correctly.  Unfortunately, I just don’t have those tools.


The other thing that could change it would be a new camera.  I look at some photos that friends have on their blogs, and in their semi professional “i take pride in my photos” displays, and I want their cameras.


With the high megapixel count and the clarity of the shots and the rapid response from an SLR camera.




So I have started researching these new cameras and this new world of awesomeness that I think I would like to get into, at least on a personal and amateurish level.  And I can honestly say that I really like the Canon Rebel xsi (Known as the EOS 450D outside the US).  But it’s kinda uber expensive, at least for me right now.


So I was looking at it’s younger sibling, the Canon Rebel xs (EOS 400D I believe).  And it’s just as cute!  And it looks fairly user friendly.  Bonus is that it’s about half of the ideal budget I wanted to put aside for a new camera.  Thing is, I wonder can I add new lenses to the xs.  Or do I want to just splurge myself and go for the bigger XSI and not worry about having to spend more money right away…


These are my thoughts, all inspired by the green eyed monster lurking inside my mind when I see such beautiful photos from S over at devourslowly.


So if I end up splurging on myself and buying an insanely expensive camera, it’ll be all her fault.

7 responses to “Envy

  1. devourslowly

    Wah…. don’t hold back now lol

  2. All your fault.

    What camera do you use, S? No really, the envy is eating at my tummy.

    no it’s not hunger.

  3. devourslowly

    Just a standard D90… nothing really fancy but had been told by photographer friend that it is a good entry level camera with a big scope for upgrading should I want to in future.

    Mind you I had been playing with my mum’s old Nikon film camera for so long before taking the plunge and requesting it as a present though

    I am not familiar with Canon as I had always used Nikon or Sony for my point and shoot. I had heard good things about Canons though. My advise seriously is not to do it unless you are sure you want to. No point getting a camera if it is just going to be a white elephant. But if you do get a decent one so you won’t have to upgrade any time soon.

  4. devourslowly

    oh yes – before you jump into the deep end as well – try out software like picnik.com – sometimes all you need is a subscription to simple software.

    I survived for so long with just my Sony point and shoot, photoshop and picnik.com

  5. hmmm D90….


    almost a thousand dollars.

    about the same for the canon as well.


    guess i’ll have to wait til I get down there and then figure out money and things.

    but I’m still jealous of your camera.

  6. devourslowly

    I don’t know how long you have been wanting to do this but I would say definitely sit on the thought for a bit longer. See if you can make do with picnik or photoshop because they do save you a load of money.

  7. yeah. I might do that.

    I’m going to have to wait on the photoshop for the moment though. There is no way my netbook has the capability to handle photoshop. The screen is just far too small.

    So I’ll just have to convince E to build me a computer just for picturey goodness! squee!


    have a great long weekend!

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