please please please follow the link and consider sponsoring me for nanowrimo this year.

The Office of Letters and Light help put books and writing tools and education into libraries and classrooms all over the world.  There is nothing more integral in the success of us as a species as our future generations knowing how to read and write and understand how to communicate with other people.

Literacy is a key factor for success, and this non-profit from Berkley, California, United States of America is doing what they can to help promote Literacy around the world.

So please, help me donate to this organization, and encourage me to keep on typing next month.

Your help, as little or as much as you can, will end up going a long long way.

Curious as to just what your money will help do?


Follow that link, and find out.  My goal is $250.00USD by the end of November.

This is not for the prizes or the thank you gifts (although the gift certificates to Thinkgeek.com are awesommeeee)

This is for the promotion of Literacy, and Reading in young children around the world.

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