I am an American Woman.  I am a strong American Woman.  I have my own mind, and my own beliefs, and I am in no way afraid to state them.  Don’t like what I have to say, then you don’t have to listen to me or read my words.


I am a Liberal woman.


I am a Progressive woman.


I believe in a fair shake for everybody, and equal rights and equal treatment for everybody.  Gay marriage? Hell yes. Gays in the Military? Right on.  Pay equality? damned straight.  Higher minimum wages and better treatment of workers? You got it.  Comprehensive immigration reform that allows for amnesty? HELL YES.


I do not fear the brown people. I do not fear the black or the yellow or the red or the white or the purple people either.  The blue man group kinda freaks me out a bit, and I never did quite know what to think of Violet Beauregard.


I am a minority.  I am white, yes. I am a woman, yes.  Both majority positions in the United States at the moment.  But I am also Jewish.  Ah-ha.  Here is the minority position.


I am not only those things.  I am not only a white Jewish woman.  I have thoughts, I have feelings, and I have ideas.  I am not just some number in a demographic that you can count on (although you can).  I am the future of this country.  And while I am planning on leaving this country to go pursue my dreams and ultimate happiness, I am still a Citizen of this Country.


What I have to say is important.  And you will listen to me.  My voice will be heard.  Even if it’s only one among the many, I will have my voice heard. I will stand up, and I will be counted.


I am a liberal woman. I am a democrat.  I am a citizen of the United States of America, God Bless this land and everybody in it.  God bless the President of the United States.  And God bless the founders of this nation and that amazing document called the Constitution.


I am a woman. I am not just a number.


I am going to vote.


And you, should pay attention to me.

One response to “Liberal

  1. Wow, you got my attention.

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