Oh goodness what a weekend.


Halloween was, in our area, Saturday night, since Sunday is a school night and the town doesn’t like to keep kids out that late and hyped up on sugar on a school night.




Hannah was over for trick-or-treat and a sleepover and that was deliciously well done.  She’s the single most strong-willed four year old that I have ever known.  Ever.  But she was well behaved and she did what she was told, eventually, but there were a few struggles.


Sunday was actually Halloween, but we didn’t do much other than take Hannah back to her mothers house and then fiddle around the house a bit.  At least until dinner, when we had dinner and things were going well.


A fairly non descript weekend.


Until about 930pm last night.  When I went to reach for something on the table and knocked over my glass of tea.  Right onto the laptop of my new netbook that E had bought for me in January.


Insert string of curses here.


Needless to say, that started my night off to a roaring success, and made my stress level go through the roof.  Not just because ‘ohgod brand new computer’ but also because ‘ohgod, Nano starts in 3 hours, GAH!’


So we enter into the ‘scramble’ and go upstairs to see if the old laptop (which got put out of commission when the netbook was purchased and coincidentally has also had tea spilled on it) would still work, connect to the internet, not explode.


And huzzah! It worked! Hooray!


Now, my body reacts to stress very strangely.  If you are at all squeamish, stop reading this now.


I tend to get very gassy in the tummy and very not so nice at the end of the excretory system.  So a shower and some immodium were definitely in order for me.  But I just could not calm down.


You may continue reading now.


So after the long shower of just basically standing in the hot water and hoping that will help to calm my nerves, I realize that my new headset won’t work with the old laptop (hardware abuse from the exboyfriend), which means I couldn’t talk to E.  And let me tell you, after a day like yesterday, that would have been a disaster.




So, I get myself dressed and I borrow my dad’s car and head on out to Walmart to buy myself a nice, cheap USB headset.  easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Boom, in out, done.


I get back home, get back settled in, take another hot shower cause holy crap honey, lemme tell you it was cold outside.  We’re talking around 40 degrees Farenheit (or about 5 degrees Celsius. If I did my math right), honey that’s chilly.  So to the shower, and then to the old laptop.


And time to start writing.  And honey, I wrote a good bit last night, and a good bit today.


But the good news is, the laptop is up and running and working and nothing says that anything’s wrong.


I love when a good thing happens.


Now tonight, I need a real shower.




For now, I gotta stop writing here, and start writing in Nano.  Gotta get a little bit ahead.

7 responses to “Stress

  1. Sound like the day ended nicely.
    What is Nano?

  2. Nanowrimo. National Novel Writing Month. Starting at Midnight Nov 1 through Midnight Nov 30, write a 50k word novel/book/short story whatever.

    but the website is ridiculously slow right now, due to everybody participating.

  3. Oh wow, thats a lot of writing.

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