So, it’s been a bit.


I’ve been quite busy doing nearly nothing this month.


Not true.  I’ve been writing, and keeping the house and the food going well.


But I just haven’t been posting here because by the time I get around to thinking about it, my brain has gotten tired of working and it’s just been downhill since.


But today is a slow day, a friday.  This is a good thing.


So, there have been some small successes in my life since last we talked.


No, i haven’t lost any weight, in fact I’ve gained some back. Hooray?  But, I have hit the halfway point in my ongoing quest for that 50k word novel. And in doing so, I’ve discovered the overarching plot for the novel in this world that will eventually fall out of my head and onto paper.




Also.  I am officially a college graduate!  I have my BA in English from Rutgers University.


Now, you’re probably looking at that and going, ‘wow, she’s a bit old to just be getting her BA.’  And you’re right.  But life has it’s ups and downs for all of us.


I went to college straight out of High School (or rather University straight out of College for those of you not from the US :P) and did, fairly well.  My first semester was an absolute disaster and one that I try to forget whole heartedly.  But once I changed direction and started myself on the right course, I was doing quite well.


There were boyfriends, and there were best friends, and there was the best times of my life working at the campus theatre.  Working there gained me some best friends for life, as well as got me the confidence that I had been lacking for so many years.  So very many years.  But then, I met a guy online and it was love, true love, the truest love ever.  And I just couldn’t wait to be with him.  So we set a date for when I would move to Maine.


Problem being, I failed a class that last semester, which took me from having the 120 credit hours I needed to graduate to only having 117 credit hours.  But I left anyways, forsaking family and friends and lying my way up to Maine and to this guy.


Five years pass, life has gone from great to good to shit and all of that confidence that I had built up at University was long since gone and trashed, and so was my credit score.  I finally hit the bottom of the bottom of the bottom, broke down and came home.


No money, car was completely illegal, no insurance, no registration, I wasn’t even a legal driver as my license had been suspended because I didn’t have the insurance.  But I drove the 13 hours home and made it in one piece.


One night, I finally broke down and told my parents nearly every lie I had told them over the last five years, the big one being that I had never finished college.  They told me that they had known, but it was time to fix it.


So, I got in touch with my University, found out what local schools they would accept transfer credits from, and then I took an online course from one of my local schools.  I passed the class with flying colors, I got the credits transferred, and I called my Dean at Rutgers yesterday and she said that the Degree had been posted and everything was on it’s way.


I am finally, after 11 years, finally a college graduate.


Well, ok, almost 6 years, but still. I started college 11 years ago.  And I’m finally a graduate.  I’ve got my Degree.  And typing those words, and this story, I’ve been brought to tears of joy, and possibly some shame.  But without the mistakes that I made all those years ago, I would not have been who I was when I started talking to E.  And I possibly would not be where I am today, as happy, confident, proud, and in love, as I am today.  Who I was in the past, has led me to the present.


Now, I just need to figure out what’s in my future.

2 responses to “Success

  1. Slow down there Ahlterra one may somewhat try to plan their future but not all the time it goes as plan. Life your life step by step. Set short goals for yourself and slowly make them bigger. This way you won’t get stress so quick or give up.

    I am very proud that you have your BA. Congrats!!! You mention that your kind of old to get a BA, all I can say to that is hockey puff. Learning and school is for all ages. You had your share of bump in the road and eventually got back on track. Good for you. You should be proud, in which I know you are. But this is what matter you completed your degree and learn from the past. Once again Congratulation!!! I am very proud of ya!

  2. Congratulations Ahlterra! I’m sorry for the road that took you to get here, but I’m glad there’s another one still ahead of you.

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