Alarm Clock

So, a very good friend of mine’s brother just had a baby.  And the baby boy is just the cutest thing in the world.


And this has made my internal biological alarm clock go off again.


it’s getting more and more difficult to find the sledgehammer to turn the clock off, too.  Which is getting frustrating.



5 responses to “Alarm Clock

  1. devourslowly

    You got a clock? I am telling Ee… :-)

  2. Oh, he’s aware of the clock.

    Trust me, he’s aware. :p

    But you can go right on and tell him! lol

    Love to know what his reaction is to it coming from you

  3. devourslowly

    By the way – there is an agreement somewhere to name the first born after me
    You can choose from my first, first middle, second middle and my last name.

  4. Oh ho? Really? Well, that will be interesting. It’s Jewish tradition to not name a child after a living person. Usually you name the child after a dead relative, as a means of passing on or preserving their memory. So, naming our child after you seems like a bad mojo thing to me.

    But maybe the cat! :p

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