I am Who I am


I’m a prude. I’m a stuck up snobby little bitch, who thinks I’m better than you, and you know that I’m probably right. I’m a fuddy duddy, a party pooper, a stick-in-the-mud wallflower who doesn’t even drink. I don’t do drugs, I don’t find them appealing or funny. Bars are not my kinda place, too loud, too drunk, too stupid. I’m an anti-social recluse who gets all of her pleasure vicariously through other people. You know what you see, and since you don’t see me much, You know what you think. I’m a fat girl who does nothing about her weight, I’m a lazy girl who sleeps in all the time. And I have no sense of humor, I smile at little, i laugh at nothing.


I’m sensual, sexual, and very much alive. I am a bit of a stuck up snobby bitch, but I don’t think I’m better than you. Sometimes, I know it for a fact. I’m a wallflower, a party pooper. I don’t drink because it’s not good for me to do so. I don’t do drugs because I don’t want to get arrested and go to jail. I’m a recluse, but far from anti-social. I just have more fun with my parents than I do with people my own age. I am capable of entertaining myself for hours on end by doing nothing but writing and listening to soft music. I don’t like loud, obnoxious and brash things, because they are loud, obnoxious, and brash. And often stupid. I’m a fat girl who has come to accept herself, and learn to see herself as beautiful. All while working on being anything but fat. I sleep on a different schedule because I have a different life. I have a sense of humor all my own. I just don’t find yours funny.

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