WOOT! I have a Kindle! I Have a Kindle! HOORAY!!!

5 responses to “Kindle

  1. A Kindle is an ebook reader from It is seriously the most awesome piece of technology. ever. Well ok, not ever.

    You should see if you can find one or something similar, they are truly awesome.

    Hope the holiday season is treating you well!

  2. Ah ok, I know of this device. Oprah Winfrey had it on her talk show. I seen some people on the bus with it also.
    Yes, my holiday season is pretty good so far. We bought a new Santa who is 6ft to my Santa collection over the weekend. John bought himself a radio for the bathroom. He love to wake up with music.

    How is your holiday season going?

  3. Not too bad. Hanukkah starts tomorrow night, and I got my kindle already, so I’m good.

    Thanksgiving went well, did some cooking, nothing too dramatic really.

    Just kinda relaxing and packing and things.

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