Guilty Pleasures

There are a few things in life that people would consider a guilty pleasure.  I have several of them.


Cheese, it’s not particularly good for my digestive system, but I love it.  I love it.  the tangier the better for me.  A nice aged cheddar or aged gouda, and I’m a happy happy girl.


Chocolate.  now come on.  who doesn’t agree with this one?  Even the craziest of health nuts enjoy a piece of chocolate every now and again.  Dark chocolate for me.  At the very least 60% cacao, but i prefer it to be closer to 70 or 72%.  And I love me some single origin chocolate from colombia or Ecuador.  tastes so rich and heavenly, like coffee.  But I have had a single origin from Uganda, and that was to die for.  fruity,smooth, just heaven.


But not all guilty pleasures are food related.  I like tea.  A lot.  more than coffee.  but I also like to write.  And to read.


I have been indulging myself this month into one of my truly guilty pleasures, the pleasure of writing to create.  I posted back in the beginning of the month about doing Nanowrimo.  And well, I can now happily state that I have passed the 50k mark, and I have once again become a winner for nanowrimo.  Guilty pleasure, indulged.


Now, for the reading.  I am a voracious reader.  I love books.  Love them.  I have so many books that they can’t all fit into my bookshelves.  Well, I did.  I ended up giving most of them away just a week and a half ago.  But it’s alright.  It’s alright.  because, I now have a Kindle.  And I have downloaded enough books onto my kindle (most of them from the Free Popular Classics) to keep me busy and entertained, not to mention educated for a long time.


Ok, so the obvious ones, food, drink, writing, reading.  What else is there?


Well, the obvious one would be sex.  And yes, that is quite a guilty pleasure of mine, but this is not a post about sex.  And I doubt I would ever post on here about sex, as some people (one in particular…S…) might get a little creeped out.


So, I promise, not going to talk about sex. X (that was me crossing my heart.)


No, there is another guilty pleasure of mine that is all about visceral entertainment, bloodsport, bloodlust, and raw animal power.   No, i’m not talking about American Politics, although yes, that is a bit of an obsession of mine.


I’m talking Wrestling. Professional Wrestling. WWE Wrestling. John Cena, The Undertaker, Brett Hart, all of them.  I got into wrestling as a little girl living in a neighborhood full of guys.  and we would all get together and hang out and watch WWF Superstars on saturday morning, right after our cartoons.


I lost touch with it after a year in college, but then discovered that my boyfriend and his buddies watched wrestling and I got sucked right back in.  Fast forward a few years, college is over and I’ve moved up and on, and I lost track again.


And now, I’m back home and once again, I am watching wrestling.  I’m smarter than I was as a kid.  And it’s the WWE now, not the WWF, but it’s still entertaining.  It’s raw, it’s visceral, it’s a soap opera with violence and men in tight tights.


And I love it.


So bring it on.  I’ve got my writing fix in for another year, I’m curled up on my couch with my tea, my chocolate, and my kindle.  And I’m going to watch my wrestling.


talk about a night of pleasure.



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