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Old Year

It is indeed almost that time, time for the parties and the fun and the new year to start. At last.


Don’t get me wrong, 2010 was full of all kinds of interesting things.  I would say that I fell in love, but that was in 2009.  However, I did have my love confirmed when I met him.  So let’s look back at the Old Year behind us to see what ever can be improved upon in the new year ahead of us.


January:  Met E in person. Spent a fantastic week together in my nation’s capitol.  E meets my parents, and they approve completely.  A good month.

February: Valentines day.  Chocolate and Jewelry and electronics.  what else can a girl ask for? A very good month.

March: Mom gets sick. She gets diagnosed with Colon Cancer and treatment and a whole new lifestyle begins.  Not so good a month.

April: see the above.

may: See the above.

June: start to really plan for the trip to seattle in September.  Mom’s still sick, but hanging in there.  Working at Walmart has really started to suck.  half and half month.

July: My birthday! Chocolate, and jewelry, and electronics!  I love this man.  Plane tickets purchased for Seattle. A good month.

August:  Mom goes back to work, she’s still half and half.  I quit Walmart.  Best thing ever.  Good month.

September: Seattle for PAX.  get to see E and a whole bunch of friends and hang out for a wonderful week. Confirm that love is real. Start making plans to move to New Zealand. Fantastic Month.

October: Halloween surprise!! I got a hand sewn jelly monster!  Complete with the Jellies! A pretty decent month.

November: Nanowrimo! Hectic writing, deadline driven, finally getting solid ideas for the finished project to be started one day.  Fundraising success, Bookdrive success.  All in all, rock awesome.  Best friend gets married, great wedding.  Fantastic month.

December: Hannukah rocked. Got a kindle and tons of other stuff that I wanted and will use wisely, including new luggage for my move next year.  Getting packed and set, things will be alright.  Alright.  Not a bad month at all.


So that’s was this year, the Old Year.  Here’s looking forward to a New Year!




I would like to Wish all my Non-Jewish friends (which frankly is all of you) a very merry christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Stress Level Rising

So I haven’t been posting much.  And it’s not that there isn’t anything going on for me to write about, it’s that there’s too much going on and I don’t really know what all to say, so I just don’t say anything.


Mom found a lump in her breast.  Turns out that it was only a lymphnode.  But my dad and the doctors wanted to know why, all of a sudden, after she was finished with her chemotherapy, was this lymphnode acting up.  So they did a biopsy and the results are back on thursday.  Good scenario: it’s just reacting to her having had chemo.  Bad Scenario: she has an infection somewhere in her body. Worst Scenario: She has lymphoma of some sort.




Now, this has all been happening over the last month.  That’s enough stress for one person, right?  wrong.  Two weeks ago, my brother decided to add into the fun.


At approximately 430 in the morning 2 saturdays ago, my brother got into his vehicle (a late 1990’s SUV) and started to drive his buddy and himself home.  However, he was still a little buzzed from the drinking that he had done earlier in the night.  Not drunk, but still buzzed. It was also 430 in the morning.  And so, in order to avoid a ‘deer’, which I put in quotes because a part of me still doesn’t believe him that there was a deer, my brother swerved.  But, being slightly inebriated like he was, he lost control of his vehicle.


The vehicle then hit a telephone pole and flipped over onto the roof.  My brother and his buddy both crawled out of the wreckage.  Luckily, they were both fine, and thank god they were wearing their seatbelts. However, my brother was arrested later that morning for DUI.  As well as leaving the scene, failing to have his insurance and registration cards (which were in the vehicle that he had left).


And so, this brings us up to last week, where it was determined that in order for him to really keep his job, I needed to be his ride.  I was going to be charging him money, like a taxi would, but I am a soft-hearted weakling and I just can’t do it.  So he gave me some money for gas today, but that’s it.  I take him into work, and I pick him up from work. I take him to the lawyer’s, I take him to the eye doctors, etc etc.


I, who doesn’t really like driving all that much and who doesn’t really like leaving the house unless necessary, am now on the road every day of the week, at least twice a day.  It also means that just about every errand or chore that I have to do either has to be done early in the day, or squeezed in after dropping him off.  Now I haven’t given times on this because I know most people will scoff or laugh because of the times that I am talking.


But please, keep in mind, I am essentially on a Kiwi sleep schedule.  I get up around 12noon EST (6am Kiwi), Brother has to be into work by 4pm (10am Kiwi).  In order to get most errands done, I have to be out of the house by 130pm (730am Kiwi), but back in the house by 300pm (9am Kiwi) in order to make sure the brother is up.


That’s good time, I will admit that.  However, add in whatever errands he needs to do, plus the time to get him up and dressed and eaten.  And then the errands that have to be run after I drop him off, and then come home, do some quick chores and be done enough to start dinner around 6pm (Noon Kiwi) for the parents to be home by 7pm (1pm Kiwi).  Then dinner lasts until 8pm (2pm kiwi), and then everybody goes their separate ways.


Mom’s usually in bed by 9pm (3pm), Dad goes to bed probably anytime between 10pm-11pm (4-5pm Kiwi).  I have to get Brother at 10pm on the weekdays and 11pm weekends.    And then he comes home, flops down on the couch and flips through the television channels for about 4 hours or so.


Which is a habit enough to make me crazy.


I’m usually upstairs by midnight (6pm Kiwi) because E is usually home around that time, or shortly after.  We spend a few hours together until I finally pass out around about 3am (9pm kiwi).  and then do it all again the next day.


Add into all of this the added stress that I put on myself last weekend by working on my resume/CV in order to have it done and ready for when I get to kiwiland.  This put my stress level up to a seriously high note.  I don’t really know why exactly, other than it’s a fairly important document that tells people what I’ve done with my life and by this point in my life it doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished anywhere near what I should have.


It’s really kinda stressful to reduce yourself down to only a few pages of information to hand over to somebody that you are hoping will hire you.  Or at least call you in for that all important interview.  It’s even more stressful when it feels like nobody around you really wants to help, or even cares enough to.


That’s not fair.  My friends D, S, and my E all helped, as did my father.  But the stress comes from my mother seemingly not giving two flying squirrels, all because of some other drama to be explained in a later post.


But to feel as though you have no support in doing something that is obviously so important, that makes things difficult.  And then to be told to your face that what you’re doing isn’t important, it doesn’t matter, it’s a waste of time, that hurts too.


Add on top of all of this the sweetest cherry on top.  The magical mystical birth control is at it again, my hormones are completely whackedout and I have been on my ‘period’ for 3 weeks now.  With the actual ‘period’ part of the birth control not being started until next week.


So if this post is excessively whiny, or over the top drama, it’s because I’m an emotional, hormonal mess.  There is one very positive thing in my life right now.


Not counting tomorrow, there are 7 wednesdays between me and an airplane.  Seven.  Less than 2 months now.  49 days.


Yeah, my stomach is doing flips now.


Ok, I think I vented enough.  I’m going to go make some tea or something.


It’s so difficult sometimes, to sell yourself as this amazingly awesome and hireable person in short snippets to a complete stranger, when you don’t believe half the crap you’re writing.

Morning Cuppa

So, a slow start for me today.  Yes, I know it’s not really morning here in the states, but for me being more on a kiwi sleep schedule, it’s still morning.  And a weekend morning at that.

So what do you get first thing in the morning when trying to wake up for the day to come?  Most Americans will tell you that the best and only thing is a big cup of coffee.  But for me, it’s a big cup of black tea.

This morning, we have a Harney and Sons cup of Big Red Sun.


Harney And Sons Big Red Sun

Medium Brew strength

It’s a deep, rich black tea with a good amount of caffeine to the cup.  very hearty, very tasty.  It’s a great way to wake up in the morning when you have things to do.

For me, I like to add some cream and quite a bit of sugar, but even then it’s still powerful enough to get me going at the right time!

like now!

gotta run!

A new thought

So, maybe I will start doing some tea reviews. Tea and tea products. I have enough teas in the house to make it at least slightly interesting.

This might just be an idea…..

Another Night, Another Tea

So it’s a chilly night outside, and the wind is howling like it always does in winter in Delaware.  So what should one curl up with?

Twinings Herbal Revive, Lemon and Ginger

Twinings Herbal Revive Lemon and Ginger

Good after dinner!

It’s a very light herbal tea with lemon flavor that seems subtle, but then the ginger kicks in on an aftertaste.

Ok yeah, I spent a lot of time watching food network today and they were talking about wine and beer and things.  So, I apologize for the slightly high falluting sound up there.

Seriously, this tea gives a nice warm feeling and when the weather is cold and windy, it only makes the nights that much warmer.  I honestly love to curl up with a mug of this tea in front of our gas fireplace and read a book.   It gives a nice cozy, homey, comfortable feeling.

I used the link to because I do so much shopping on there for my tea, it’s almost second nature for me to link to them.  They are not sponsoring me, this blog, or anything even close to that.  It’s just I really really like shopping through them.

Tea Leaves

So there used to be, and in some places still is, entire subcultures around reading the tea leaves to tell the future.  Pretty cool, right?  I’ve tried it myself and I don’t really see anything, other than tea leaves, so I’m probably not the best person to come to about this subject.


That being said, there are certain things that can be told about me based on the tea that I’m drinking.  I don’t really know why, but on top of drinking certain teas at certain moods, I also tend to crave or desire certain teas at certain physical moods.


For example, right now I’m feeling rather down in the dumps and physically just blah.  the hormones i’m taking for BC are seriously messing with my body.  Tried some of those newer pills with the 3 months off, 1 week on… It’s turned out more like 2 months off, 1 month on.


But the physical pain that comes along with it is rather, well, painful.  And when I’m in pain, typically menstrual pain, I go for a specific blend from Stash Tea (  Stash’s Fusion green & white tea.  Something about the blend of teas, and I’m sure the added antioxidants or whatever it is in the green tea that makes it so healthy helps.  But right now, this tea is just fantastic for me.


It just makes everything feel so much better.


More on moods and the teas that go with them in later posts!

Tea and Me

So, some people are a little crazy about their coffee.  And some really like their bottled water.  Me?  I’m a tea girl.  I love tea. Just about any and every kind of tea, and I’m a happy girl.


growing up, the adults always had iced tea, or tea by itself, for dinner.  While the kids were drinking milk or juice.  Getting a drink of tea was a special treat and one that i did not look down upon.


Through college, coffee became my drink of choice, simply because it was plentiful, fairly cheap, and provided the caffeination that I required on a daily basis.


But then, as I grew up and older and moved on from school, I discovered that tea came in more than just the cheap black stuff my parents had, or the special ‘Constant Comment’ that we had at grandmoms after christmas dinner, while waiting for our pumpkin pie.


There were thousands upon thousands of options.  Ohmy!  So I started trying different teas. Green tea, white tea, black tea with this, black tea with that, red tea, teasanes.  You name it, i tried it.  I have found several companies with teas that I will truly miss greatly if I cannot get them abroad, but I am hoping to find a tea shop close to home that I can eagerly go to and spend a few moments just smelling the concoctions and maybe tasting some along the way.


With tea, comes sweets.  I think I learned this at a young age when my grandmother took me to tea at one of the fancier hotels in Philadelphia.  I remember being in one of the frilly dresses that she had bought for me and we went and sat down.  There were fine china cups and a tray of the most delightful little sandwiches and sweets.


A very happy childhood memory.


Tea is something that brings me good memories, and much happiness.  And as there are different moods to the human’s life, there are different teas to match.


I have teas that I drink for when I want to be inspired. I have chilly night teas for curling up in front of a fire, wrapped in a blanket and reading a book.  I have teas that I drink to try and relieve the pain of menstrual cramps, and I have teas that I drink only with certain desserts.


My current collection has over forty different teas in it.  Both in bags and loose leaf, as well as flowering teas for entertaining.


I love tea.  And I’m looking to make my life reflect that.  so if you start to see more posts from me about tea, focusing on it and the like, don’t be surprised.


I’m practicing for my next big thing.


So, I have, in celebration for Hannukah, decided to allow snow on my blog. Why?

because while i hate the powdery and sometimes slushy white stuff with a passion, I do understand that its presence can make some people happy.

So, my blog, it will snow.

Also, I think it’s pretty cool looking.

Happy Hannukah!