Tea and Me

So, some people are a little crazy about their coffee.  And some really like their bottled water.  Me?  I’m a tea girl.  I love tea. Just about any and every kind of tea, and I’m a happy girl.


growing up, the adults always had iced tea, or tea by itself, for dinner.  While the kids were drinking milk or juice.  Getting a drink of tea was a special treat and one that i did not look down upon.


Through college, coffee became my drink of choice, simply because it was plentiful, fairly cheap, and provided the caffeination that I required on a daily basis.


But then, as I grew up and older and moved on from school, I discovered that tea came in more than just the cheap black stuff my parents had, or the special ‘Constant Comment’ that we had at grandmoms after christmas dinner, while waiting for our pumpkin pie.


There were thousands upon thousands of options.  Ohmy!  So I started trying different teas. Green tea, white tea, black tea with this, black tea with that, red tea, teasanes.  You name it, i tried it.  I have found several companies with teas that I will truly miss greatly if I cannot get them abroad, but I am hoping to find a tea shop close to home that I can eagerly go to and spend a few moments just smelling the concoctions and maybe tasting some along the way.


With tea, comes sweets.  I think I learned this at a young age when my grandmother took me to tea at one of the fancier hotels in Philadelphia.  I remember being in one of the frilly dresses that she had bought for me and we went and sat down.  There were fine china cups and a tray of the most delightful little sandwiches and sweets.


A very happy childhood memory.


Tea is something that brings me good memories, and much happiness.  And as there are different moods to the human’s life, there are different teas to match.


I have teas that I drink for when I want to be inspired. I have chilly night teas for curling up in front of a fire, wrapped in a blanket and reading a book.  I have teas that I drink to try and relieve the pain of menstrual cramps, and I have teas that I drink only with certain desserts.


My current collection has over forty different teas in it.  Both in bags and loose leaf, as well as flowering teas for entertaining.


I love tea.  And I’m looking to make my life reflect that.  so if you start to see more posts from me about tea, focusing on it and the like, don’t be surprised.


I’m practicing for my next big thing.

2 responses to “Tea and Me

  1. Milk, no sugar, please. :P

  2. Black tea? green tea? white tea?

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