Another Night, Another Tea

So it’s a chilly night outside, and the wind is howling like it always does in winter in Delaware.  So what should one curl up with?

Twinings Herbal Revive, Lemon and Ginger

Twinings Herbal Revive Lemon and Ginger

Good after dinner!

It’s a very light herbal tea with lemon flavor that seems subtle, but then the ginger kicks in on an aftertaste.

Ok yeah, I spent a lot of time watching food network today and they were talking about wine and beer and things.  So, I apologize for the slightly high falluting sound up there.

Seriously, this tea gives a nice warm feeling and when the weather is cold and windy, it only makes the nights that much warmer.  I honestly love to curl up with a mug of this tea in front of our gas fireplace and read a book.   It gives a nice cozy, homey, comfortable feeling.

I used the link to because I do so much shopping on there for my tea, it’s almost second nature for me to link to them.  They are not sponsoring me, this blog, or anything even close to that.  It’s just I really really like shopping through them.

One response to “Another Night, Another Tea

  1. Sounds like a nice tasty tea that also benefit in being healthy!

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