Old Year

It is indeed almost that time, time for the parties and the fun and the new year to start. At last.


Don’t get me wrong, 2010 was full of all kinds of interesting things.  I would say that I fell in love, but that was in 2009.  However, I did have my love confirmed when I met him.  So let’s look back at the Old Year behind us to see what ever can be improved upon in the new year ahead of us.


January:  Met E in person. Spent a fantastic week together in my nation’s capitol.  E meets my parents, and they approve completely.  A good month.

February: Valentines day.  Chocolate and Jewelry and electronics.  what else can a girl ask for? A very good month.

March: Mom gets sick. She gets diagnosed with Colon Cancer and treatment and a whole new lifestyle begins.  Not so good a month.

April: see the above.

may: See the above.

June: start to really plan for the trip to seattle in September.  Mom’s still sick, but hanging in there.  Working at Walmart has really started to suck.  half and half month.

July: My birthday! Chocolate, and jewelry, and electronics!  I love this man.  Plane tickets purchased for Seattle. A good month.

August:  Mom goes back to work, she’s still half and half.  I quit Walmart.  Best thing ever.  Good month.

September: Seattle for PAX.  get to see E and a whole bunch of friends and hang out for a wonderful week. Confirm that love is real. Start making plans to move to New Zealand. Fantastic Month.

October: Halloween surprise!! I got a hand sewn jelly monster!  Complete with the Jellies! A pretty decent month.

November: Nanowrimo! Hectic writing, deadline driven, finally getting solid ideas for the finished project to be started one day.  Fundraising success, Bookdrive success.  All in all, rock awesome.  Best friend gets married, great wedding.  Fantastic month.

December: Hannukah rocked. Got a kindle and tons of other stuff that I wanted and will use wisely, including new luggage for my move next year.  Getting packed and set, things will be alright.  Alright.  Not a bad month at all.


So that’s was this year, the Old Year.  Here’s looking forward to a New Year!



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