Daily Archives: 15/01/2011

Loose Ends

A month! Less than even!   A month away from being in New Zealand.  But there were still a few things to finish with here in the States.


I have actually managed to tie up all of my loose ends.

-Money is safely where it needs to be and will be until I come back in August (I hope).

-Jewelry that was missing is now home.

-Plans for shipping belongings and things are coming together finally

-Getting a solid idea of what I would like to do in the future


I did some serious thinking about what to take with me.  Most of the music that I listen to at the moment is all on my computer, so I can leave most of that here.  The DVDs can be sent over later, as can most of the other external things.  What’s important is clothing, a few other items, and myself.


I made the mistake a few years ago of taking all of my important belongings, shoving them into my car, and taking off for a new life.  Since then, I’ve tossed, sold, or lost several of those important things over the years.  Mostly due to situations that I tossed myself into not working out the way they needed to.


I don’t want that to be the case here.  So after long thoughts to myself and talks to myself while in the shower, driving and even in my sleep, I figured out that taking ‘everything’ that I wanted with me to New Zealand was possibly not the most pragmatic move.  I will take clothes, a few other things that are nice to have (computer games, a board game, some tea, my computer and my kindle) and see what happens next.


I love E with all my heart, but the nagging in my head that maybe we make a better long distance couple wouldn’t leave me alone.  So, before I go all crazy and move my entire life over the continent and around the ocean, I want to make sure that my future really truly is there, with him.  It’s not pessimism, it’s practical.


Besides, if and when I decide to stay over there with him, then it’s on my parents to send me the boxes of things, as opposed to my having to spend the money to do so now. hehehe.  Not that that is at all the reason I’ve decided to do this, it’s just an extra perk.


More thoughts on my future and the direction that I think I want it to go in later, I want to completely gather them together in my head before releasing the idea on the world.  But let’s just say, I have an idea, and I think it might just work.