being heartcracked is not a bad thing.  It’s that feeling you get in a moment when you feel your heart bursting open.  Either from sorrow or joy or love.


Most people call it being heartbroken, the odd sensation of just feeling you heart almost break in two, and everything spilling out all over.  The sensation of loss, devastation, and just utter sorrow.


But there is also a moment when the same feeling occurs, but in that briefest of nanoseconds, it becomes a good thing, and not bad.  that feeling, that sensation of your heart opening up, that sensation of your world becoming available and grabbable, that is being heartcracked.


It happens when you fall in love.  The protective walls you put around your heart are shattered and broken and your heart expands and expands and grows and grows to accept all the beauty and wonder and joy into it.


And it happens over and over again as you’re hopefully reminded just how in love you are.  It’s a feeling that I never want to ever stop having.


I love you, E. You cracked my heart.

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