Daily Archives: 29/01/2011

The Moment

So, I’m not certain whether or not I’ve told this story before, but I figure it’s always worth repeating.  And inquiring as to how it was for others.


What was that moment, the time that you knew when you were in love?


It was a slow progression for me with E.  I think I started falling for him when he talked rather hypothetically about a romantic train trip, across southern Australia.  A train that wound from Uluru to the southern harbor.  A week and longer with romantic dinners and a sleeping cabin and stops all along the way to see the countryside.


Such a simple thing, a simple topic, and an easy conversation to fall into, dreams of what a future could be.  The silly man got my romantic side all ginned up and active again.  Now what a thing is that to do to a nice girl like me, hmm?


No, I fell in love with him a few nights later, when for some bizarre reason we were talking about lullabies, and i mentioned my two from childhood that my mother sang to me all the time.  “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and “Tammy” from Tammy and the Bachelor, two of my mother’s favorite movies.


E knew the words to Moon River and immediately began to sing to me.  How can any girl resist that?  A man who can bring her happiness and comfort.


Now, I know I’ve told that story before, I’m sure of it.   But what I didn’t tell you, and I giggle now when I remember it, is what sealed it.


first off, he said those magic 3 words first, purely by accident he insists, but it was a few weeks later, or maybe days it’s hard to remember due to internet time, that we were finally talking about being in love with each other, when he started humming another song.


The song from Sound of Music that Maria and Captain Von Trapp sing to one another in the garden after declaring their love.  “Somewhere in my youth, or childhood, I must have done something good…”


Honestly, ladies, how could you resist that?  A man who is willing to sing to you a song from a musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein?  And not be ashamed or embarrassed by it.


How lucky can I get?


so, for those of you that are in love, how did you know?  When did you have the first inkling? that first sensation of love, that first warming feeling?




p.s.  As an aside, the dress that Maria wears in that scene has been my favorite dress ever since being a little girl. I have been searching for that dress, or something like it for ages.  Also, her wedding dress is astounding.