Peter, Paul, Mary


Tomorrow is the big day.


Get up at 8am, get a fast shower, a faster breakfast, and drag my brother out of his room by his hair, stuff everything into the car, and then settle in for the 2 hour drive to the airport.


Get to the airport by 11am, hopefully, say goodbye to the parents and the brother, and then go through security.  My plane leaves Baltimore at 1pm (all times will be listed as Local/Eastern).  I land in Phoenix at 4pm/6pm. I leave there at around 5pm/7pm and get into LA at 6pm/8pm.  and then I wait around LA until my plane on Air New Zealand leaves at 10pm/1am.  And then it’s out across the wild blue water until landing in Auckland at 8am Friday/2pm Thursday.



One response to “Peter, Paul, Mary

  1. runeatdatesleep

    I’m beyond excited for you! Safe travels!!!

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