Valentine’s Weekend

So, we’ve spent a lot of money the last two days, getting things to help spiffy up the apartment, to make it more accommodating to having two people living here, not just one.  so there’s not much left in the budget for any Valentines frippery.


Which is just fine.  Because this weekend has been exactly everything that I could have ever hoped it would be.


Making an apartment into a home, buying things for us, not just one, spending time with him and just being a couple young and happy in love.  In truth, that’s more amazing to me than a fancy dinner out with candlelight and roses.


Friday started with him picking me up at the airport, coming home and then sleeping for a bit.  We spent some well deserved ‘couples time’ together, and then went out to eat.  No place fancy, just the local mall’s food court, where we had a large bento to share from the japanese place.  Salmon nigiri, salmon sashimi,spicy tuna roll.  Yellow pickle of some sort (possibly turnip, or beetroot?), seaweed salad, rice, beef stir fry of some kind, Tempura shrimp, crabstick, kumara (sweet potato), potato, and broccoli, and a fresh salad of some sort.


Then it was shopping around the mall, a few purchases made, home again to start putting the house together, E took a nap, and I set myself to organizing the kitchen, and living room.  He woke up and I had already cleaned, neatened, organized, and hung the laundry out to dry.   And then, we headed to a new place that E had seen the day before, a new sushi place called Asahi.  We were the only customers for a while, but the food was excellent.  I got a chicken don, which is chicken,eggs, and vegetables over rice with some Miso soup.

Miso soup is, by the way, the most amazing flavor.  I seriously am falling in love with it.  It’s the soup that you get at a Hibachi style restaurant, only the flavor is stronger, and it’s not completely clear.  So. Good.


Saturday was spent more of the same, lazing about at home, shopping for this and that, napping, couple time.  Lunch was at the same food court, only this time I went for the Indian place and had an order of Chicken Korma with Rice and Naan.  Again, the same as Friday, America would have not a clue on how to react to a mall food court having this quality of food served.  The Korma was creamy, nowhere near the spice level that I was anticipating, the rice was jasmine and sticky just the right amount, and the naan.  Oh, the naan.  It was warm and thin and soaked up the Korma sauce so well, and there was such a large piece.  It was quite possibly a rather delicious bit of heaven.


But the nice thing about saturday was dinner.  We had gone to the store the day before and some pre packaged soups had caught my eye.  They were on sale two for something decent, so we picked up two.  E loves his soup, and I couldn’t think of a nicer meal.  So we got home and while I was in the kitchen cooking up dinner, E was setting up a nice place for us to eat.  He pulled out one of his low coffee tables to the middle of the floor, and then set up the beanbag and the old comforter against the wall.


And it was there, stretched out on the floor together that we had lamb, mint and israeli couscous soup, with a hot loaf of roasted garlic bread, some cucumbers marinated in an olive oil mixture with some spices, and new zealand butter.


A side not about New Zealand butter. It’s yellow.  Bright Yellow.  Our american butter looks pale white in comparison.  This butter is closer to the color of cheap american cheddar cheese than it is to butter.  It is really, so very good.


Dinner was fantastic, we cuddled, we ate, we watched some Black Books, and then after dinner was done and dishes were finished, we played some Final Fantasy 13 and then went to bed.


This morning was a good start, talked to my mom and dad over skype while making breakfast of scrambled eggs and tomato with more of the bread from last night.  Then we were going to go to the coast, but then S called, asked if we wanted to picnic at Takapuna lake with her.  Of course!


So I panicked at the thought of meeting his best friend on my third full day in the country, so I hopped into the shower so that I wouldn’t look like the sweaty mess that I really was at that point.  Only to come out of the shower and find that S had called back.  Her fridge had endured a melt down (hehe so sorry, I couldn’t resist) and so she wouldn’t be able to meet up with us. And so, back to the coast it was!


E took me to Mission Bay, we had fish and chips sitting on a bench by the sand, and then walked over the beach, hand in hand (sometimes, when he wasn’t juggling his shoes and the leftover fish and chips) in the water.  It felt so good.  Had I not been in a pair of khaki capris and a white tank top, I very well might have considered just jumping right on in.  the water felt so good on my skin.  It was truly a beautiful place.  And after we left the beach and had sand all over our feet, we walked to the large fountain where the younger children were playing and swimming in, we dipped our feet to wash them off, and then went to Movenpick’s for ice cream.


After that, it was off to Newmarket to purchase sandals, a cell phone, and to go to the Homestore to spend the very generous present that S gave E back around the Holidays.  We bought a new Wok and a colander. And then it was the walk back to the car and then the ride home.


I am definitely getting exercise, and I am feeling fantastic.  I got some sunburn on my arms today, going to have to get some sun screen while out tomorrow picking up items for valentines dinner.  Steak and potatoes and some sort of vegetable. enough to feed the two of us, and to send him some leftovers into work with him on tuesday.


And that, that is when my adventures truly begin.


Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn

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