There are a few things about the States that I miss.


My car.

My cat.

My car.

Flat ground to walk on.

Everything is so cheap.


But really, other than the obvious answers of  ‘my parents, my friends, etc etc’ that’s about it.


I do enjoy life here, and I am loving my time with E.  He goes back to work tomorrow, and I start on the job hunting path.  So that I can start contributing to the household.  This is going to be a big deal.  Why?


Everything is so expensive.


Comparatively speaking, it’s crazy mad to live here and pay these prices.  For the amount of money that we spent on groceries today (granted there were a few one offs in the lot), I could have fed my family back home for about a week and a half.


It’s a bit, wild, seeing the prices.  At first, my jaw probably hit the ground and my eyes fell out of my head.  But, I’ll get used to it.  and I’ll feel a bit better about it once I have money to contribute.


On a side note, sunburn hurts like hell.  And, I managed to walk just over 4k today while getting to and from the bus station and downtown.  Not a bad start.  I wanted to die, I might have wanted to kill E at some points. But I made the walk and didn’t die.  Seems like a good start.


More later!

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