New Me



So on my goals page, it says that I want to lose about five pounds a month.  That would be about 2.5 Kilos for those keeping score.  that’s an admirable goal and one that I do intend to stick to.  And one that I don’t think I’ll have very many problems getting to, especially if I end up walking everywhere like I have been.


However, I do not yet have a scale.  So this may be a bit problematic to keep track of.  However, I will be attempting to get a scale within the next week or so.  And then, lookout world.


I have sent my resume out to several recruitment agencies, both in general and applying for specific jobs, and I have met the Landlady and had a nice chat with her.  I am doing my part in keeping the house clean and organized, finding uses for those magical things called cabinets that seem to scare E so.


The exercise is a bit daunting though.  It’s not like a simple walk around the block would have been back in Delaware.  I think even a 2mile jaunt would be challenging to some Delaware based runners as they are not necessarily accustomed to these hills.


And I mean, hills.  Possibly 20-40 degree inclines (i may or may not be exaggerating, i do not travel with a protractor :P), that I am just not yet equipped for.  However, I have no real choice, I have to make those climbs as there is no other way for me to get to the bus stops and stations to get around the city and do things proper.


so with all this walking, and the youtube routine I’m hoping to put together for myself this afternoon, I am beginning to believe that I can make it through this goal and move on.


Who knows, maybe at some point sooner than I expected, I’ll be asking my mom to send me that size 18 black velour dress that’s hiding in my closet, waiting to be put on and put to good use.


It may not be the height of style, but with the right tailoring (like losing the cowel neck thing on it) and the right accessories, that dress will be knockout division clothing.  I just have to make sure I’m knockout worthy to get into it.


Off to do some youtube channel exercising.  And then maybe a walk.  If the rain holds off.

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