New Flavors

So, i’m sure we’ve had this talk before.  About how I’m a fat girl who just loves food.

Well, this is a dangerous place for me, especially if I’m trying to lose the weight!  All these new things to taste and try!  The other day, E and I went down to Mission Bay for a walk on the beach.

But before we got to the beach, we stopped to get some fish and Chips!  Deep fried snapper with some french fries, or chips if you will, and then E added in some Squid Rings and some Mussels for himself.  The amount of food we got was huge!  we brought it home to finish up later.  And then, we went for ice cream.
Movenpick Ice Cream To be exact.  E got the Vanilla, and I tried the Tiramisu.  It was delightful.  Just the right kind of ice cream that you wanted after a long day on the beach.

From which I got horribly sunburned but live and learn, right?

On Monday, we walked to the Sunnynook Bus Station (and by walked, I mean we tramped. Hiked?  Whatever, it was not fun. :P) and then caught the bus into the CBD, or Central Business District.  Also known as downtown Auckland.  While there, we had more sushi (yes I am a slight addict), and then wandered into this little gourmet shop called The Barrow.  Nice place, they had some rather delicious looking goodies.  But over on a shelf there was some asian breads displayed.  Well, you would have thought I had been offered the winning lotto numbers.

They had a red bean paste bun!

I have been wanting to try this for a long time, ever since my mini obsession a few years ago with bento, and my reading through multiple bento blogs during that time, I have been curious about these azuki bean treats.  So, I bought one. For two dollars, I was going to experience something delicious.  I hoped.

I was right!  It was fantastic!  The texture of the red bean paste would be a little difficult for some, most, American tasters, but if you like beans at all, any kind of beans, you can get past that initial texture.  The bun itself was sweet, sticky and good, but nothing really truly memorable.  For me, the true star was the azuki.  It was sweet, it was mushy, it had just the right slippery factor to it that I had always thought it would have.  It tasted just like my tastebuds imagined.

I had intended to only eat half of it, and then save the rest for dessert that night.  That, did not happen.  I just kept eating it, wanting more of the gooey red pasty filling.

Man, if glue tasted like this, I’d be a kindergartner all over again.

Now, that leads me up to today.  And another tasty tasty little treat that I have discovered.  Again, this stems from my brief and yet still slightly ongoing obsession (but not really an obsession) with Japanese goodies.  Bento, Sushi, Kimono, etc.  There has been a dessert that I’ve seen touted on the bento blogs that I used to read called a Mochi Cake.  And I’ve been dying to try one.

Mochi is rice which is pounded into a flour, sweetened, and then made into a dough.  It’s soft, stretchy, kinda tacky to the touch and easily formed into shapes.  Mochi cakes are (to my limited knowledge) little tiny balls of mochi dough that have been formed around a filling of some kind.

So today, while indulging myself in more sushi at the Westfield Shopping Center at the Britomart, I saw that they had Mochi cakes.  I picked up a strawberry and a chocolate creme.

Isn’t it cute?

the strawberry one was heavenly.  I ate that long before I even considered taking a picture of it.  But the taste was quite unlike anything else I’ve ever had.  It was not quite as sweet as I had been led to believe, at least not until you added in the filling, then it was sweet.  But the Mochi dough itself was subtle, and had this background of rice that was just delightful.

Especially for somebody like me.  I love rice.

Alright!  That’s the food update!  Back later with tales of my trip around the CBD on my own!

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