Now, I know that some people find the scaly, peeling skin that happens after sunburn heals to be quite gross.  and in some cases it is.  But for me, right now, it’s wonderful.


Not because of the peeling skin (although that is fun to do for a brief time, and it can be very relaxing), but because of what it reminds me of.


Being a care free kid, no worries and certainly no fears, running around outside in the summer, getting burned without a care, bee stingers in your bare feet, and spending the afternoons peeling your sun burn from your shoulders.


Fast forward a few years, 20 or so for me, probably more, and here I am, after years of growing fears, growing fat, and being a hermit because of depression crashing down on my head and making me not want to go outside ever, I have sunburn again.


I have sore legs and feet from walking, I have sore arms from the sun beating down on my skin.  And this evening, I have peeling sunburn.


In a little while, I’ll remember that I’m an adult and that peeling skin is unattractive and unhygienic.  But for just a fleeting few moments this evening, I’m going to relish in that feeling of being young and carefree.  I’m going to rejoice in the knowledge that I’m actually leaving the flat, going out into the world and enjoying nature and my life.


For a few moments, I’m going to be young and free.

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