So, I got a few couple rejection emails and one rejection phone call.  I think the phone call was the worst.  I was expecting rejection emails, but to get a phone call, that seemed like such a good sign!


Only to be told that because of my immigration/visa status I was considered a risky hire.  Which is a position I can understand and respect.  The company doesn’t want to spend or waste the resources on training somebody that may not get their visa renewed in a few months, and then have to go through the whole situation again.


That doesn’t mean that the rejection doesn’t sting.




I have to remind myself that I have only been in Country for a week and four hours.  And that I’ve only had applications out for three days.  Somewhere out there, there will be a company that will give me a chance, that will see me as a risk worth taking.


I just need to get back up.


Definitely going for a nice long walk a bit later, after the sun gets less intense.


And then, going to make that tandoori chicken for dinner, wrapped in a tortilla with some cucumber, broccoli and other tasty things.


After I do the dishes, hang the laundry, etc.

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