Natural Disasters

Now, I’m afraid of a lot of things. Heights. Docks. Boats to some extent, but mostly docks. Spiders as is only rational.

I’ve lived through hurricanes and blizzards. I even went through (kinda) a tornado or two once. But I’ve never been through an earthquake.

Christchurch, New Zealand has since last september endured over 4500 earthquakes, tremors, aftershocks. September 4th was the big one, 7.1. Damage everywhere, it was bad.

since then, there have been few days where the ground in and around Christchurch hasn’t trembled, rumbled, shifted and moved.

And then today, there was another big one. A 6.3 magnitude, just along the outskirts of the city, and it was shallow. And shallow earthquakes are not good.

There have been reports of death, fires, liquefaction, flooding, and everything else that you can think of in an earthquake.

The airport is closed right now.

E and I are supposed to be going down to Christchurch this weekend, to meet a few friends of his, and let them meet me. I’m almost sure we’ll probably still go.


I’ve never been in an earthquake. and lord knows this is selfish of me to think this, especially when the city down there is in so much need of help.

But at the moment, I’ve never been in an earthquake. I’m not so sure that I want to.

I’m a little scared.

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