Dinner and a Goal

So, we went out to dinner the other night with E’s friend and her boyfriend.  The food was divine, the company exciting and very enjoyable and the conversation lively.


And somewhere in that conversation an event was mentioned, the event being “Round the Bays”.  It’s an annual 8k fun-run that circles the bay in Auckland.  Run/Walk/Crawl.  But no cycling or skating.


And I first thought to myself, there’s no way. I can’t do that! Walking 1k around the neighborhood is killing me, let alone 8k!  I’m just not ready!


Well, I went to the website for the run, checked out a few things and I have made my decision.


I am not yet ready to do this event this year.  However, next year, gods willing, I will be there.  I will enter into Round the Bays and I will finish.  Whether I be running, walking, or some combination of the two, I will do this event.


A goal.  I have a goal for myself.  By next March, I will be able to go 8k without wanting to die.


Good things come to those who set goals.



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