Hot and Sour

So, for those of you who may or may not know, my boyfriend is deliciously Asian.

Now stop that, I said before there wouldn’t be any talk of sex on here.  Seriously, you guys are really just in the gutter today.


Anyways, what does his being Asian (Taiwanese to be exact) have anything to do with anything?  Well that’s easy.  Number one, he’s incredibly sexy and he has the hair to just die for.  Long, dark, straight hair that at one point in my youth or childhood, I would have killed for.


But no, the not so but sort of superficial reason that his being asian is awesome? The food of course!


I have a man who is unashamed or afraid to take me out to sushi multiple times, who has opened my eyes to all different types of food (Udon noodles? awesome!!!), and spices and ways of cooking that I just never even considered before (drizzling beaten egg into ramen soup as a fast and cheap way to get protein?  Bring it on).


So with this in mind, I have wondered aloud before what his favorite meal is, and of course he says it’s soup.  Soup!  I can make soup.  But oh ho wait! There is more to this than just soup my friends.  his favorite favorite favorite soup?  Hot and Sour.




Well I’ve never made that!  I’ve always avoided it in chinese restaurants in the states because of my stomach issues (Hooray for medicine!!!!) with acid reflux.  How am I going to impress him and make this soup?


Simple.  Go onto and search. scour the internets.  find something that sounds good and easy.  Well, there was a recipe and I’ve been here for two weeks and now… might a bit of a good time to try this out.


so, today we went out and got the ingredients and together we chopped and sliced and boiled and prepped.  And the soup simmered and cooked.  We beat the eggs, and chopped the chicken.  we added more mushrooms than it called for and tossed in some water chestnuts which it didn’t call for at all.


and then, the moment of truth.  The soup was done.  I spooned it out into the bowls (we made enough so that there are plenty of extra helpings left).  And we sat down to dinner.




E has now gone back for his 3rd bowl of soup.  so maybe there won’t be enough left for lunch for him tomorrow! lol


I am most happy with the results.

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