Daily Archives: 14/03/2011

Something About Writing

I dunno, but I had this weird dream the other night. Well, same dream, sort of. There was a modern version (starring Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver) and then towards the end of the dream it started over again.

It involved a man and a woman, their children, and some sort of kidnapping something.

Then, last night, when I went to sleep, the beginning of the 2nd part of the dream started over again.

A man on his horse, a trail of people walking behind/beside him, the snow whipping around them fiercely as they moved onto somewhere not there. The man wore a mask, or a helm, or something in between the two, the head of a white stag, with a wide rack.

the ‘camera’ shifted to a woman on the ground beside a longhouse, strong and wooden. she wore clothing to fight the cold, but she didn’t move to join the others, who for some reason were evacuating the village.

The woman called out to the man, calling him Ivan, and she held out a basket to him, begging for him to take the basket with him. He refused, telling her that this was her duty and her charge. He then pulled a ‘child of the coal’ out from the line of people and pushed her towards the kneeling woman.

“the child is your duty, Evelyn. Moriah will help you tend to her needs. Do your duty, there is nothing more I can do to save you.”

and then man in mask turned his gaze forward, leaving Evelyn and Moriah huddled in the snow, protecting the basket which it was slowly revealed, held a baby girl.


that’s really all that I remember. I know that the baby’s name is samantha. I know that somehow she’s important, but I don’t know why or what about. But I know that I’m going to have to sit down and write this story out.

I love when my dreams talk to me.


So, I thought for a while that I would make this blog have a section on food that I’ve cooked and the recipes that I used.


Which is an awesome idea.


Until I realized that for the most part I don’t use recipes.  this could be a challenge.


Take for example the dinner from tonight.


I just grabbed a few of the things that we had in the house and whipped this up.



Steamed broccoli, italian herbed potato wedges (they were from a bag), and then the steak and sauce.


sauce was started by cutting up some fresh crimini and a red capsicum (bell pepper for my States readers).  These were tossed into the frying pan with a bit of butter, some black pepper, ground cumin, minced garlic, and italian herbs.  I sauteed this up until just about done.  Then transferred it to a bowl to rest.


At this point, I took our two steaks and put them right into the hot pan.  while they seared on one side, i spiced the other with pepper, cumin, and then some brown mustard from the squeeze bottle.  flip the steaks.


Meanwhile I took our sauteed veggies and added to them a can of mushrooms in pepper sauce.  Which looked like a cream of mushroom soup, but with pepper.  I stirred them together and then added in some more mustard and then some worcestershire sauce.  Stir and tasted, delicious.


Since E and I both like steak that’s not well done, I wasn’t worried about killing the steak.  So I pulled it out of the pan with about 10 minutes of time left.  Placing the mushroom sauce into the pan to heat it up.  That took about 5 minutes (at this point, I turned the broccoli on to start to steam).


with the last 5 minutes, i put the steak back in the frying pan and covered it with the mushroom and capsicum sauce.


And the end results?  Delicious, to say the least.  E finished his plate.  Almost too quickly I think.


I doubt I could repeat the success, but it certainly tastes good tonight.