So, I thought for a while that I would make this blog have a section on food that I’ve cooked and the recipes that I used.


Which is an awesome idea.


Until I realized that for the most part I don’t use recipes.  this could be a challenge.


Take for example the dinner from tonight.


I just grabbed a few of the things that we had in the house and whipped this up.



Steamed broccoli, italian herbed potato wedges (they were from a bag), and then the steak and sauce.


sauce was started by cutting up some fresh crimini and a red capsicum (bell pepper for my States readers).  These were tossed into the frying pan with a bit of butter, some black pepper, ground cumin, minced garlic, and italian herbs.  I sauteed this up until just about done.  Then transferred it to a bowl to rest.


At this point, I took our two steaks and put them right into the hot pan.  while they seared on one side, i spiced the other with pepper, cumin, and then some brown mustard from the squeeze bottle.  flip the steaks.


Meanwhile I took our sauteed veggies and added to them a can of mushrooms in pepper sauce.  Which looked like a cream of mushroom soup, but with pepper.  I stirred them together and then added in some more mustard and then some worcestershire sauce.  Stir and tasted, delicious.


Since E and I both like steak that’s not well done, I wasn’t worried about killing the steak.  So I pulled it out of the pan with about 10 minutes of time left.  Placing the mushroom sauce into the pan to heat it up.  That took about 5 minutes (at this point, I turned the broccoli on to start to steam).


with the last 5 minutes, i put the steak back in the frying pan and covered it with the mushroom and capsicum sauce.


And the end results?  Delicious, to say the least.  E finished his plate.  Almost too quickly I think.


I doubt I could repeat the success, but it certainly tastes good tonight.

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