I am finding myself more capable of making it down and up the hill.  The breath comes back faster, and hurts less. there are less stabbing, prodding, poking hot stakes going into my chest.


How am I doing?


I’m making it. Being depressed makes things difficult.  But beating myself up into misery isn’t going to get all this excess fat off of me or tone this extra skin down.


I still need to get a scale.  But at the moment, I’ll take bit by bit.  I need to eat less.  My portion sizes have gone back up again and I know it’s not a good thing.  Because I feel miserable afterward.


Hot & Sour soup tonight for dinner, Not exactly light and refreshing, but it’s lighter than spaghetti and cream sauce.


going to try to make the Hamantaschen cookies tomorrow.  Had no luck at the grocery store near the house finding pie filling of any kind, so I picked up some lemon curd.  gonna try to fill the cookies with that.


there’s no real point to this post, nothing has made me want to post all of this, other than I need to keep people updated I suppose.


Job search is the same.  It’s still a search.  My CV has been more professionalized, my cover letters are better structured and professional looking.  Somebody, somewhere is going to want to hire me.  I just have to keep trying.


And that’s my life this thursday.  Oh, happy St Patricks Day.  Umm I’ll make some lettuce or something….

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