Today was a good day.


I woke up feeling good (a bit later than I wanted to, but not later than what is really normal for me), and I had a tasty breakfast of whole wheat toast, nutella, and a banana. Paired with a large mug of New Zealand breakfast tea.


I did a few things around the house and then, I went for my walk.  I had to get to the chemists in order to get my stomach medication (a necessity, sadly, for the foreseeable future).  Now, the walk down is something like 800m.  Give or take like a meter or so.  So the walk back up is another 800m.  That’s the route that I usually take, just a straight down and back.  Oh, and add in the inclines to that both in the beginning and then end.


But today, I was feeling pretty good when i got to the top of the hill on the way home, I hadn’t gotten too sweaty and my legs were actually feeling pretty strong.  I decided to lengthen my route.  So instead of heading right back the way that I came, I took a detour and went the long way around, adding another 1.25k to my distance.


All in all, I walked just under 3k.  including the inclines!  not too bad.


I came home, took a shower, had an apple and a banana and some peanut butter.  And now, getting ready for dinner.


A nice day.

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