Liner Notes

A thought.


I have recently purchased a few albums through amazon in mp3 format.  Now this is not unusual for me to do and i enjoy having the music in that format.  However, a while back my mother asked about whether or not I missed the Liner notes.  Nah, I thought, not really.


But with these recent purchases (a cd of Maori songs by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, and Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Amore’ cd) I am coming to change that perception.


These songs, as one might imagine, are not in English.  One is in Maori, the other predominantly Italian.  I enjoy them both very much and have been listening to them rather incessantly while working around the house.  Here’s my problem.


I would like to know what was being said.  Oh the Italian is not as important, just apply what little French and Spanish that I know and go from there, assume he’s talking about being in love and all things are explained.  But the Maori… It fascinates me, and I would love to be able to sit here, listen to the words as they are being sung, compare them to the text and if I were lucky, a translation.  how better to begin to come to understand a language than through their music?


So, somebody out there with the ear of the record companies, or amazon, or somebody who is looking to make money, should begin to offer a service.  Liner notes, lets say for an extra dollar or even only 50 cents to the cost of the mp3 album, you can get a pdf file with the liner notes for that album.


it’s environmentally friendly, as you don’t have to print the notes for the CDs and people won’t throw the physical ones out.  It’s economical. as people, who are music buffs enough to want the liner notes to begin with will also pay the extra money for them.  It’s culturally helpful, as having access to those types of translations will make life easier for those who want to learn.


there, now somebody can feel free to steal this idea from me and go make yourself a millionaire.  have fun.

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