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Or, Job Week One.

Let me just say this, it was a bit of a rocky start, but I am absolutely loving this job.  Monday was difficult with getting lost for a bit, getting locked out of the building, not having anything but paper to stare at and try to absorb.  Tuesday was almost as bad, but we got through it all and then wednesday morning was going to be the big test.

We headed to the actual office and spent the day sitting with a buddy, listening and watching as they took their calls and performed their duties.  Some of us got the chance to do some calls as well, just to try and get us used to it.  Then, we were going to be pulled off to do our own training on the side.  Which almost happened.  Until the computers that were set aside for us weren’t on the network.  Oops.

And then came Thursday.  We were going to be ‘on our own’.  Luckily, nobody is really ever on their own.  We were sequestered in a small area, had one of the team leaders with us to help us through the day (lord bless Michael).  Halfway through the day some of us got put on calls, while the rest of us stayed doing emails.

Talk about overwhelming.  It was a lot to take in and try to absorb.  We were being trained with about half of what we should have been given and then being tossed to the wolves. The lions were going to feast upon our flesh.  And then, slowly, sometime in the lat afternoon, it started to make sense.  And then, as part of the bribery deal made earlier, Michael came around with his bag of chocolate goodies and gave us all one.  I tried to bargain him up to two, but he stood firm that I only got one.  He did, however, tell me that I was his star for the day.  And that was the confidence booster that I needed.

of course, over night I started to wonder if he had been joking, so when i went in today I asked him and he informed me that he was very serious about it.  I had been the top performer out of the temps and I was the star.  Good way to start the morning.

We did emails for the first few bits. and then the call queue went up so they put us on the phones.  And it only got better.  The more I did, the more confident I felt, the less I had to call for help.  I think I may have even saved an account for the company today, which is killer awesome if that’s the case.  I feel good about what I’m doing and I’m actually starting to enjoy it.

Now, the fun part.  The office itself.  It’s set up like most any other call center you would expect, but there is nothing wrong with talking with your neighbors or surfing the internet, so long as you are also still getting your work done.  The customers really aren’t even as bad as you would imagine.  They’re friendly, polite, and very understanding.  Even when angry.

There’s a lunch room with a big flat screen tv, complete with skytv (cable basically), and xbox, an air hockey table (it’s broken) computer with internet.  That’s the fun side, the food side is awesome.  Two microwaves, two refrigerators (one is for food, the other one seems to be primarily for milk. Lots of milk), a sink with a regular tap and a tap for filtered cold drinking water, and a 3rd tap that spits out boiling water. Yes. Boiling water from a tap.  What do you need the boiling water for? Oh to make cup-a-soups, the the instant coffee granules, or the hot tea that is also provided.  Two dishwasher drawers.  And, an espresso/cappuccino machine.  Kiwis are apparently notorious for their coffee snobbery.

There are windows everywhere and you can look out of the lunchroom, straight across the marshland next to the bay and you can see the sky tower and the harbor bridge.  It’s really quite lovely.  The office is not dark and dingy at all, it is surrounded by windows (like almost everything else down here) and the desks are colorful and fairly up to date.

There is a sore lacking in chairs, the one that I was in today had like no padding on the seat at all.  I would have been better off sitting in the lunch chairs all day for comfort.  But, that was my own fault for not grabbing a more comfy chair.

So that’s the environment (oh and a cafe downstairs at reception. pastries, mini-pizzas, hot drinks, all kinds of things. and on Fridays whatever food is leftover downstairs becomes free food) that I’m working, and it only gets better when you focus on the people.

Everybody has been super kind, super understanding and very welcoming.  Nobody has declined to help us out when we needed it, some have even come over and volunteered their help when we were looking panicked.  And they’re just fun guys to be around. There is plenty of joking and conversation to be had, and it’s really just a high energy place to work.  I actually walked out today with my head held high, back straight, and a huge smile on my face.

I can’t remember the last time I could ever say that about a job.  As of right now, I am happy.  This is only for 4 weeks as of right now, but maybe it could turn into something more.  I hope that it does.  My next job is going to suffer in comparison, I’m afraid.

But now, it’s the weekend.  And as much as I would love to stay up late tonight and sleep in tomorrow, i think i’m going to sleep tonight and sleep in tomorrow.

Keep sending the good thoughts!  I need them still!

A Job

Yes, that’s right. I have a job.

It’s a temporary job, of course, but it is something.  Four weeks of work for Orcon, one of the local telco’s doing work in their Billing department.  I start work tomorrow morning at 9am for training and then work for the company for 4 weeks.

is it ideal? No, not really, but at the moment Temp work is all that I’m going to be able to get.  At least until next April at the earliest, due to how the visa situation is working out.  But that’s ok.  This gets me something in New Zealand, on my resume, which can only help in future job hunts.

Life has been pretty good, I’ve been meaning to post something, anything lately, but the inspiration just hasn’t been with me.  My cooking has been uninspiring, and my random thoughts unfulfilling.  I am thinking that maybe now that I will be riding the bus more often, I will have more time to think and who knows, maybe my writing will come back to me.

But for now, I am not gone, merely hibernating in this winter that isn’t really a winter at all.  Strange and beautiful place this is.

Two Cents

This is by no means going to be necessarily coherent at the moment, ti’s a bunch of thoughts strung together in response to the world dancing tonight.  I might be back tomorrow with clearer thoughts, but I doubt it.

I don’t understand how it has to be so binary.

the way I see it, and yes this is a personal opinion, is that celebrating a death is really not necessarily a good thing.  For any reason.  However.  For my part I am not celebrating necessarily his death, but rather the fact that his death brings about the end of one stresser in life.

People in NYC, the USA, and all over the world have been living day to day to day with the ramifications of thise particular man’s existence, his beliefs, and his practices for over ten years.  yes, Over ten years.  Since 9/11 those feelings have gotten worse.  It got more than personal for a lot of people.  Especially people in the military and in the cities and areas affected directly by the attacks.

it has been a constant nagging thing in the back of the American (and global) subconscious, Osama is still out there.  After a while you don’t have to say it anymore, but it’s still there.  He’s still there. Somewhere.  Out there.  And he managed to pull off 9/11 and we had the warnings and we knew that something big was coming and he still was able to make it happen and we haven’t found him yet.  It could be happening again.

As a result the US Military and militaries from our Allies around the world have been engaged in war for almost ten years. Ten Years.  Men and women from every nation have been injured, have given their lives and nothing can change that.  Nothing can bring them back or fix them completely.  And it is mostly because of things that this man started.

The entire country of the US and in fact the world has been under a building pressure of steam because Osama Bin Laden was still alive.  And we just started to ignore it, it was just a truth of the world he was alive and even if he wasn’t there was no way we would ever know if he had died, he could almost always be out there.  And we would never know.

And then tonight happened.  And almost instantly, almost in a complete rushing of relief from being held under so much strain, like a pressure cooker exploding or the tectonic plates shifting, the pressure was released, the truth was known.  The man was dead.  This man that caused death, destruction, fear, and war around the world, this catalyst for this new life that we are all of us leading, he was killed.

And the relief of that stress, the release of that pressure upon our bodies and minds has led to an almost euphoric, orgasmic, natural reaction that can only be classified as organic.  There was no real way for this to have happened, the reactions were going to be this outpouring no matter what.

That being said, death is death and I hold no real joy in there being death.  But I will not shed tears for this man being dead.  I will not resist the urge to raise a glass to the sky and toast the heroes of the world, living and dead, and to drink some tea (i don’t do alcohol) in their honor.

Reality is for the morning light, reality will come and we will see that the world will continue as it has continued for the last ten years.  But there is a bit of silver around those clouds, a bit less anxiety and fear and stress.  We’ll lose the euphoria, we’ll get rid of the gloating and get back to our lives.  But for one night, the geopolitics will not matter to anybody.  That is for the morning.

And in closing I say this, God Bless the Men and Women of the US Military and Special Forces.  God Bless the men and Women of the international militaries.  While your sacrifices may not get the coverage that they deserve and your losses may appear to not be taken into account, they are and those of us who are not brave enough or able to join up and fight for our freedoms, and the freedoms of the world, thank each and every one of you for being able to do so.  May God Bless you, keep you, and bring you home safe to wherever your homes might be.