A Job

Yes, that’s right. I have a job.

It’s a temporary job, of course, but it is something.  Four weeks of work for Orcon, one of the local telco’s doing work in their Billing department.  I start work tomorrow morning at 9am for training and then work for the company for 4 weeks.

is it ideal? No, not really, but at the moment Temp work is all that I’m going to be able to get.  At least until next April at the earliest, due to how the visa situation is working out.  But that’s ok.  This gets me something in New Zealand, on my resume, which can only help in future job hunts.

Life has been pretty good, I’ve been meaning to post something, anything lately, but the inspiration just hasn’t been with me.  My cooking has been uninspiring, and my random thoughts unfulfilling.  I am thinking that maybe now that I will be riding the bus more often, I will have more time to think and who knows, maybe my writing will come back to me.

But for now, I am not gone, merely hibernating in this winter that isn’t really a winter at all.  Strange and beautiful place this is.

One response to “A Job

  1. Good luck with the job – it’s a start.

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