When it All Goes Down

So there’s really not too much of a point to this post.  I’ve been working on a post in my head for a while now and it still hasn’t quite made its way onto paper, either physical or virtual in any manner.


I am at work now and still loving it, although for the moment we are experiencing the calm before the storm.  The email queue is low, the calls are slow and easy, and everything is status quo.  So what else is there to write about.


Not much.  Life has been work and not work, sleep and work and life and love.  I guess I could talk about life at work.  It’s fairly good, and a wonderful company to work for, they take care of their employees (like a massage lady every 2 weeks who will give shoulder massages) and they do seem to care about their customers and products.  And there have been no problems with getting along with other people, or running into trouble being only ‘temps’.  Everybody has been helpful, supportive, and even very friendly.  We’re a disparate group, differences abound, but everybody seems to get along just fine.


One of the other temps and I get along rather well and when we have quiet time like this, we spend far too much time talking and giggling amongst ourselves than should be considered healthy.


So what else have I been up to?  well, making food (we got a new rice cooker!)  It will be the beginning of many more adventures (it came with a recipe booklet that’s actually in english! so i can make cool things!), and working.  Oh, and planning our vacation to Rotorua.


For those who are unsure, Rotorua is one of the most, if not the most, geothermally active regions in the world.  Geysers, hot mud pools, sulphur.  Apparently the entire region smells like rotten eggs, but the restorative properties of the muds and hot pools way outweigh the nasty smells.  it is also apparently an active location for maori history.


Not entirely sure what all we are going to do while there, but i am hoping to definitely get some amazing pictures of bubbling hot mud pools and geysers erupting with intensity.  I am also looking forward to a trip to something that will help me get a bit more educated on maori culture.  Also, for a hangi.


A hangi is the traditional maori feast that is created by digging a big hole in the ground, heating rocks and coals and then lowering the food into the pit and covering it for a few hours.  Sound familiar to something you know about?  Yeah, it’s a polynesian kind of cooking.  But I have also seen video of there being a basket of mussels being steamed/boiled in the hot pools and then being pulled up and eaten happily.


The Rotorua region is also home to a once active volcano that erupted in the late 1800s and buried a village, and some land formations that were called the Pink and White flats.  I’m hoping to visit a tourist place called “The Buried Village” and get more information not just on the volcano, but on the eruption and the excavations going on to find out about the people who were victims.


There seems to be a lot to do down in Rotorua, and It should be a fun filled report back, complete with pictures.


I promise that I’ll start posting a bit more, once life calms back down again.


Work is good, life is good.  Love is good, food is good.

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