So, we are underway for getting the next visa application together.  I took a bus trip out to Brown’s Bay today in order to get myself fingerprinted for the paperwork that the FBI needed.


There’s apparently so many steps in needing to do this.  First, I need to get a background check from the FBI that is no more than 6months old.  Considering that it takes the FBI 8 weeks to process the background check and then probably another 2 weeks to get it back to me, that’s 10 weeks, plus the week to get it to them.  So that’s 11 weeks from today, roughly.  So we’re looking at the first week of November for getting that information back.  Meanwhile, I get to run around to friends and family and get them to write up some statements about how loving and stable Ee’s relationship is.  Easy enough.  Next, have to get 2 passport sized photos taken, again younger than 6 months by the time that I send the application in. More evidence of a stable and conjoined relationship.


And then all of that gets sent into Immigration NZ, and the decision is another 4-5 weeks after that.  So, by hannukah, or at the latest Christmas, I should have an answer as to whether or not my next visa is approved.  This Visa will be most likely for 2 years, and then  a year into that I can apply for residency.   But, it’s still a 2 year visa, and that should open up more options for me for employment.  But enough about that, my adventure today!


Caught an earlier bus than I had intended, by virtue of me being absolutely paranoid about time and getting lost.  No worries though!  The bus dropped me off exactly where I thought it would and finding the police station was fairly easy peasy after that (just walk up the street…)!  Of course, I was an hour earlier than I should have been for the appointment, so I stopped into the little cafe right next to the police station.  They were rather busy for the middle of the week, which was kinda neat.  I grabbed a little pastry and a bottle of coke, although I later wished I had picked up something hot to drink.  Once I finished up with that, I headed to the police station and sat and waited.


Another lady there and I got into a conversation about this place called “Martha’s Backyard”.  Apparently they sell all kinds of imported american goodies.  like Pop-Tarts and lucky charms and kraft Mac& Cheese.  Definitely going to have to see if I can make a trip out there sometime soon. A box of lucky charms sounds awesome right now.  She was there to report an attempt to pass on fraudulent travellers checks by somebody over the internet.  She was looking for a new flatmate, this guy contacted her and said he needed a place for a few months.  She asked for payment in advance, he sent through some traveller’s checks for more than the amount agreed on and asked her to send the extra money back to an address in the UK.  Well, the checks were forgeries and she would have been out about $2000NZD.  Eek!  But she caught the gimmick and brought them into the Police to make them aware of it.


She got all sorted, the police called INTERPOL and gave them the head up and she went on her way.  And then it was my turn to be Fingerprinted!  I had brought all the paperwork that was needed (which the technician was happy for, because it made his life easier), filled in all the stuff that I could (he was also so very pleased about that), and then we got to the fingerprinting.  Want to know something neat?  he asked me to look at the wall, not at the fingerprint card, because apparently when you look down at the card, it tenses your fingers and that can mess up the prints.  Neat, huh?


So, after that, he took a statutory declaration from me for my election paperwork (how cool! I brought the papers with me on the off chance that there was a notary in town, and he said he could notarize it for me), and I headed off to the postshop.


Got everything boxed up and sent out, the paperwork for the background check, and the request for my absentee ballots.  And then I wandered around the shops for a bit, stared at the bay and Rangitoto, and then went to catch the bus.  Turns out, I was waiting for the wrong bus.  That’s ok! I had extra time, so I headed back to the music store that I had seen, independently owned, and shopped around.  Bought myself a new Amici CD (well, new to me, it was from their 2006 NZ tour), and a present for my brother.  A kiwi singer who is trying to get himself started.  I picked up his sample CD for my brother, since the guy behind the counter said that the guy was kinda pink Floyd-y.  So I’ll send that off to the brother for his birthday and see what he thinks.  If he likes it, I’ll see about picking up the guys full LP when he releases it later this year.


After that, it was time to run and catch the bus and head home.  Note to self: Catching a bus on the way home after 3pm, silly idea.  The bus was soon stuffed with schoolkids, all heading home from school.  Luckily I had sat right near the doors so I was able to pour myself out of the bus fairly easily.


And now, time to make dinner (soup) and relax for the night.


A good day and plenty accomplished.

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