A Blogroll!

I don’t usually do this, but I think I might just start.


I’m still getting used to this whole new world of blogging.  My first blog was on blogger at least 6 or 7 years ago, back when they really were nothing more than online diaries for those of us that just absolutely failed at writing in a real diary.  It seems that I have remained stuck in that thought process and have not yet moved on into this whole new world of blogging where every blog is one thing and every post revolves around a central theme.  I’m a little confused on that whole situation.


Just like I’m confused with blogrolls and just what they are, and posts linking to other people’s blogs and things, but here we go.   Gonna try something new and exciting!


I have just found this blog, From Scratch Club.  And just going through a few of their posts, I am in love with these women!.. The most recent post was up on Freshly pressed and it was the cranberry, maple, ginger preserves my god I want to lick my screen!  From there on, it was inevitable. I got sucked into the posts and am still going through them like a mad woman.  Including the recipes/instructions for how to make your own body scrubs!


I am in love with this! And I am sure that I will keep reading through their posts and stealing… borrowing their ideas to show off down here in Kiwiland!


So who else do I read on a regular basis? Well, that depends entirely on my mood!  And who has something written.   I absolutely adore Dionne over at Try Anything Once, her stories are outstanding, her drive is an inspiration, and her photos are phenomenal.  Also, her daughter Taylor is quite amazing. 


I have started getting into a bit of a writing circle what with Nanowrimo being this month, and through that I have met some darling young ladies who are rather fascinating to follow.  Fee, over at The Land of Man-Eating PIxies is an energetic young woman with possibly far too much caffeine, but a brilliant and bright outlook on life.  And then her friend, Sarah (who is apparently called Fishy) over at Comfy Sweaters, Writing, and Fish.  They are both lovely girls and up and coming writers.  Look out world, these girls are going to tear things down!


And of course, there is the blog of a school friend of mine.  We met when we were both nine or ten, I can’t remember, when she moved in next door.  We made fudge together from my American Girl’s Cookbook, when we were little and we went to school together.  Now, We’ve both hit a stride and time in our lives when everything is up and running and going in a good direction for us.  It has been fantastic to read her blog, follow her on her races, and catch up on everything that is happening in our lives, even though we’re hemispheres apart.  So here is to Andrea, over at Run, Eat, Date, Sleep.  It’s mainly because of her inspiration and success and encouragement that I am on the path that I’m on towards being a healthier me.  Also, it’s all her fault that I’ve got a 6k walk coming up in two weeks. All her fault. 


I read other blogs too on occasion, but these are the ones that I go back to every time that I see something new, and every time that I want something different.  Just a few of the people out there in the world that help me be me.  I hope you enjoy their blogs, and I hope you take something away from this all. 


More about my general life and the happenings there in next time! But for now, This is it!

2 responses to “A Blogroll!

  1. Hi Ahlterra! Thanks for the ‘link love’ and the kind words about the blog in general. I’m so glad you found Erika’s body scrub instructions- I have one of her scrubs from a recent food swap- AMAZING! Your writing circle sounds great- best wishes on your journey & new blogging adventure! I’m gonna follow along :)

    • Hi Christina!

      Thanks for stopping by and for the great comment! I would love to come to a food swap with you ladies, but I’m afraid the trip would be far too much! Maybe some day! Instead I’ll just read your blogs and be jealous and borrow your ideas for myself! Thanks for following! –Sarah

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