Even the most perfect lives are at times absolute crap.


I am having a really bad day.


Woke up feeling great, tossed the comforter into the laundry because it was in need of a wash.  Sat down with some breakfast and opened up my emails.  Three emails of note today, alright not bad.  One was WordPress letting me know that I had a new follower, awesome! Welcome to my world of every little thing, Kuhan!  Another was the folks from the 6k that I’m walking in this weekend.  They had asked for stories on their facebook wall about why we were joined up to do the race, I posted a brief (very brief) bit about why I decided to do the race.  Well they are writing an article and were looking for some inspirational stories and so they emailed me to ask if they could use my facebook quote.  Of course!, said I.  Who wouldn’t want to be attributed in an article of some manner?  Awesome.


And then the third email, which started to set the tone for my day.  Eleven days ago I started shopping for a menorah for Hannukah.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get one down here, at least not easily or cheaply, so online I went.  None of the stores through Amazon would ship to New Zealand (of course), so I ended up looking at a 3rd party store.  I’ve had good luck with this store before and was pleased to give them my business.  Even more pleased when I saw that they did international shipping!  Fantastic!  So I found a menorah that I liked, some candles, and even some wax cleaning solution and candles for Shabbat.  And I put them all in the order and proceeded to check out.  I was informed at the check out and in the follow up receipt email that I would be sent a quote for international shipping in 2 business days.  Fine.  That should have been on either last tuesday or wednesday.


I finally get the email sent to me today.  And the shipping prices are more than the order itself.  Not only that, but this is for shipping that will have my order getting to me after Hannukah starts.  Not ideal, but the price is to be expected. I do live on the complete opposite side of the world.  But the fact that it took them 4-5 business days instead of the promised 2 is what has me irritated.  I have never once written a complaint to a company, but I did this time.  I ordered in advance of Thanksgiving.  The Two days was in the quote that they provided me and fell before the Thanksgiving holiday.  Even taking Thanksgiving into account, I should have received the quote email from them yesterday, not today.  I am tolerant and patient to a point, but do not offer something with unrealistic expectations of having them done.  Granted, they are probably busy right now and cannot guarantee two days.  However, they should then not include an exact time frame.  Or, perhaps, they should hire on holiday assistance in order to meet their stated obligations.


So I have asked that they cancel the order, place the money back into my account for the order that was on hold, and I will go another route to have a menorah for Hannukah this year.


A very good friend of mine offered to have the company ship it to him and then he would send it to me, and that it is a fantastic offer, except for a few things.  Number one, the company’s fastest shipping, even within the states, is still 10-12 days.  And the fastest to get anything down here is 4 days.  So cutting it close on the time line.  Second, there is a principle thing going on.  They informed me that I would have the quote in two days.  And I did not.  And frankly that has me irritated to the point that I no longer want to give them my business. And no potential end run will change that.  The company has disappointed me and I am going to exercise my right as a person in a free market and capitalist society to take my money elsewhere.


That started my day off on the wrong foot, and now, the little things just add up.  I tried to make a fairly tasty lunch, but found out that canned salmon apparently has bones in it.  So I spent twenty minutes digging through canned salmon pieces and refrigerated cheese sauce trying ti pick out the bones and vertebrae of the salmon.  Not pleasant.


And then, my laundry finished up and I went to hang out the comforter outside to get it dry and I swear the thing is dirtier than when I put it into the washer.  Sigh.


Alright, so that’s not a lot to call today a really terrible horrible day.  But it’s enough to make just a crappy day overall.


Here’s hoping the rest of my day gets better.  It kinda has to.

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