I know, right? It’s been forever.


Well, there really hasn’t been much happening to me.  I’ve been applying for jobs, being rejected from jobs, and doing housework.  I’ve planted a pot garden, though. And I successfully made some pumpernickel bread. 


But really, that’s about the extent of my adventures.  I’ve really just been enjoying being home with E, or having dinner with friends.  Life is not all that outrageous or amazing, but it’s been good.  So very good.


I suppose I could show you pictures of my garden, or my pumpernickel.  Or maybe even my Crochet projects that I’ve been working on.  But really, at the moment, I’m just so content to just sit out on the porch with a book, watch the wind tip over the laundry, and enjoy the rays of sunshine, I just can’t be bothered to lay all the projects out and take the photos.


I think Autumn anywhere is a favorite season for me, but down here?  It’s absolutely stunning!

2 responses to “MIA

  1. You’ve planted a pot garden?? :) Hi Sarah! If I were out there I would be enjoying the earth! Fishing, hiking – must be gorgeous there!

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