I’m a twenty something almost thirty something who is only just getting my head on straight and my act together.

Life’s thrown me for a few loops and I’ve had to leap through a few burning hoops along the way.  But I think I’ve found my path.

At least I know my trajectory.  It’s taken a while, but I know at least where I’m going.  Not a clue what to do when I get there, but I know where there is.

I have mild interests in flowers and nature. Photography could easily become a time and money sink for me if I could find the time and justify spending the money.

I write, and I have no talent for brevity.

I sing, and I do it poorly.

I cook, and I do it from memory.

I love, and I do it unafraidly.

I’m an English major, I’m allowed to make up words if I want to.

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