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Menu Planning

So, we went food shopping last night.  and now my fridge is full of wonderfully delicious stuff.  mostly meat and veggies.  So, now I have to figure out what I’m going to do with it all this week!


last night, I hardboiled some eggs, so I think I’ll mix up some egg salad for tomorrow’s lunch.


I’ll take the 3lbs of ground beef (or the 1.5kg of mince roughly) and split it up into two packets.  One might be used to make some hamburgers later this week.  Maybe I can use the other to make some hamburger soup?  Or possibly some individual sized meatloafs! I have muffin tins now!


The chicken will be split up, half will be frozen, the other half will be cut up and slipped into some tandoori marinade.  Haven’t had tandoori in almost two weeks! Time to fix that!  maybe the other chicken will go into the freezer for use later in the weeks with some chicken soup!


I have a new food processor! So maybe I’ll take a night and make some carrot soup!  I might need to go get some potatoes and possibly a small squash to add to it.  we bough like 2kg of carrots last night!


Plenty of greens for soups and salads, and that’s not even counting the steaks that we have! Not to mention the cans of tuna for casserole and salad.


Now I should just get a brick of cheese and a slicer, so I can make some grilled cheese and tomato soup and that’s almost a full week right there!  At least!




Challah’s Out of the oven!


I promise there will be a post containing the recipe and pictures to come later!  but here’s a sneak peek!


Lazy Lassie

Do you know what’s nice?




Nothing is nice. Laying about and doing nothing.  Oh sure, we got some chores done, like the dishes.  And yeah, we went out and did grocery shopping and the like.  But overall, nothing feels good.


Waking up, eating breakfast, and then going back for a mid morning nap.  waking up, having lunch, and then just lazing about.


It’s a fantastic way to spend a weekend.


Tomorrow, I bake some Challah.  E is probably going to go out on his motorbike for a short ride, or a long ride, and I am going to bake some bread.


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to make the bread.


I’ll post pictures and recipe and everything tomorrow night.


So. Excited.


Ok, enough excitement, back to being a lazy lazy lassie.