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There are lots of thoughts and reaction that happened to me after I woke up yesterday morning to see that a congresswoman had been shot.


Anger, fear, irritation, sadness.


And yes, there was some major instantaneous reaction against the right-wing in my country and the political drama and troubles that can be stirred up by people in power.


But after thinking about it, and thinking long and had about it all together, I have come to a rather dramatic conclusion.


Dude was crazy.


yes, it probably was helped and fueled by the wild and crazy rhetoric and drama and anger on both sides of the political spectrum in this country.  Yes, it was probably aided by whatever dog whistles he heard or didn’t hear.


But it doesn’t change the fact that he was crazy to start with.  He needed help.  And according to most reports, he’d been needing help for a few years.


He didn’t get the help that he needed.  There was no apparatus readily available to help him.  Mental health in this country is still under the same stigma as it used to be when women were all classified as ‘hysterical’ and everybody was put into sanitariums.


Health care in this country is abominable but will hopefully start to get better.  Mental Health care is even worse and it needs to be looked at even more closely now.


This shooter, the shooter at Fort Hood last year, Timothy McVeigh, the man that killed Dr. Tiller, all of them could have benefited from better mental health care.


Would they all have snapped anyway?  Possibly.  But there is no way to really be sure.  How many more tragedies can be prevented by making mental health care not only less expensive, but also less stigmatized.


Yes, there will be some flak as a result of angry rhetoric and probably even some pushing for a reexamination of the gun laws.  But one of the important things to take away from this, as with almost all of the previous shootings, tragedies, and assassinations in this nation.


People be crazy.



These are my thoughts at the moment.  and I’m sure that they will change and evolve over time.


But the other important thing to remember. The Congresswoman was not the only victim.  There are several others dead, and many more wounded.